You only have to roll in poop once

Our American bulldog, Bama, is a rescue dog.  She has been a part of our family going on five years now, and oh, I’ve never had a dog like her before (and I mean that in a good way)!  Bama is such a good girl, eager to please, laid back, and she doesn’t demand constant attention.  But she has this one really nasty vice – she rolls in dog poop.  I don’t think Bama has ever rolled in her own, but we have to keep an eye on her while out on a walk because she may be tempted to get all into what some other pooch left behind.  Seems it, the poop rolling, happens at the most inopportune times too.  Of course, I suppose there is never a good time for your dog to roll in poop.  Our stinker (!) dog has done this rolling act when at a neighborhood night out gathering down the street; she’s done it while on a trip to visit my parents (twice, back-to-back!); and she has done it right before we were turning in for the night.  I believe the late night roll was when our fence was beat all to hell and the occasional traveling canine would sometimes pay a visit and leave its calling card in our backyard.

I came up with a nickname for our poop-rolling dog immediately after the first rolling occurrence.  May I present to you, “Snoopy Poopy Poopy Headed Poop Roller!”  It’s kind of catchy when you say it fast.  But anyhoo, Bama hasn’t rolled in poop in a really long time–she’s probably due–but her given nickname has stuck, not unlike the brown clumps of dog crap stuck in her fur after a good poop rolling.

So there’s a lesson here–Really!  I’m getting to it!–there are some transgressions or acts in life that will simply never be forgotten.  Hopefully for humans, we’re not talking about the sport of poop rolling, but more so the acts of cheating, lying, stealing, and yes, bigger offenses too offensive for me to want to include here.  You commit a big infraction and it may never be forgotten.  I mean, do you want a Snoopy Poopy nickname for the rest of your life for something stupid you may have done ONCE?  Society can be harsh and unforgiving, but hopefully the example of Bama’s forever poop-rolling label, will make my family and me, and maybe even some of my gazillions of blog readers (right??), think twice before taking a big (and possibly reprehensible) action.  Because sometimes you only have to roll in poop once.

Bama (aka Snoopy Poopy Poopy Headed Poop Roller)


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