You go girl!

Okay, so I know I thought my blog audience would mainly be women, and women in their thirties/forties/fifties/beyond maybe, but I see that’s pretty much gone right out the window.  <And no complaints here!  I love all my regular readers, all five of you!>  What can I say?  I’m still trying to get my whole blogging bearings about me.

But for THIS particular blog post, I’d like to encourage that original intended demographic (read: all female) read today’s post, and request those who fall outside that original intended demographic (read: all males) refrain.  This blog post is a bit sensitive (read: embarrassing), and while I know many females can sympathize (read: relate), many a male will be puzzled (read: weirded out) by today’s subject matter.

Okay, now that that’s covered… and there are only females left in the room…

I was reading a recent post on (BTW, The Bloggess is super funny and crazy all rolled into one, just my style!), and I noticed she included a sponsor, JustGoGirl, at the bottom of the post.  Well, I just go girled on over to the JustGoGirl site, and I was so excited to find pads made for women with “athletic leak.”  This was a HUGE deal for me.  After giving birth to my two boys <thanks, kids>, things just weren’t the same; I was no longer able to run or jump without peeing a little.  My ob/gyn informed me that after giving birth <thanks, kids>, my something urethra something moved a bit, so when I do anything high impact, a little urine leaks out.  Nice.

I was so excited to discover this product existed, I ordered immediately.  And skip the sample of two, give me at least 20 to start!  I like running and jumping–it’s good for the bones!–but I don’t like having to wear those super bulky pads!  Who does?  And for many years now, I have completely avoided going anywhere in public where running and/or jumping is called for.

A few years ago, a friend and I were seriously looking into doing a free aerobics class at one of those cool trampoline places.  It sounded like so much fun and such good exercise!  She knew about my bladder woes and was very understanding of course, but we really wanted to go so I was intent on finding a solution.  My first stop was Walgreen’s where I bought several sizes/brands of incontinence pads.  Wow.  Have you SEEN the size of some of these pads?!?  Yeah, um… that’s not gonna work.  I don’t have ANY clothes to hide the bulge those things would make!  Several days later, with the encouragement from a Depend’s Silhouette commercial with Lisa Rinna wearing the underwear all svelte like under her sleek dress, I stopped by Walgreen’s again to buy a pack of the “discreet” (?) paper underwear.  Wow.  Have you SEEN the size of these damn things?  I’m sorry, but Lisa Rinna is NOT wearing these things under that dress.  I’m betting the chick was going commando when she made that commercial!  But anyhoo, even if they did “fit,” the funky paper crinkling / slight swooshing sound would definitely give it away.  It would just scream, “Woman in her forties is wearing paper underpants!”

We ended up not going to the trampoline place.  I know, totally sucks!  I’ve been relinquished to in-home exercise DVDs since my boys were born <thanks, kids> and always feel inclined to turn down invitations to marathons, fitness classes, jogging with a friend, etc.  Okay, friends, if you didn’t know before, this is why I’ve had to say no <and now all the whole blogosphere knows>.  It’s not that I want to say no, well okay, not usually; it’s just that I pretty much have had to say no.

I hope I’m not putting all my eggs into one basket, but I am very hopeful that this product will give me a freedom I haven’t experienced in a long time.  I’ll give you ladies (because the guys left, right?) an update after I receive my JustGoGirl package.  Can’t wait!

And call out to SL –> Maybe, just maybe, we can schedule a play date at Sky High!


P.S. I do believe this blog post can serve as the missing number three on my embarrassing moments list.

12 thoughts on “You go girl!”

  1. I did the mesh before mesh was on all the televisions being advertised for being a cheese grater for internal organs. It’s worked well for ME (so far *knocks on wood*). men just have NO idea…

    1. Yeah, I’d like to look into a more “permanent” solution, but until then… I’ll just have to keep going. Hahaha! Get it? Keep going? That was bad. 🙂

  2. I discovered Just Go Girl! when she advertised a few months ago on The Bloggess. I started with the sample, then after trying the very first one ordered 10 a month, and now have a standing order of 30 a month. Honestly, they have saved my life of SO much embarrassment! And they really are comfy and super-absorbent. The first couple months they had a stronger glue so if you forgot you had one on (which is easy because they’re so invisibly comfy) and then tried to pull it off your undies, you’d end up with a bit of a mess; but recently she’s improved the glue a lot so I haven’t encountered that problem in weeks. Personally, I think they’re going to end up sold everywhere. I just hope she has the patent rights! 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh Karen, this was hilarious. Thanks for sending me this link. Also, thanks for the shout out on your sidebar! I’m greatly touched.

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