What I’m going to wear for apple picking

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So LOFT just sent me this invaluable “What to wear apple picking” email.  Damn, there goes my idea of jeans and a simple t-shirt or old sweatshirt on Gerald’s and my special apple picking date.  Who knew there was special attire for apple picking?!?  I am always so out of the fashion loop!  Apparently, a (stylish) cozy sweater is required. I’ll have to tell Gerald we can’t go on our yearly apple orchard excursion–because you know apple picking is foremost on his mind this time of year–until I get some proper new clothes for the occasion.

I’m thinking if there is a special wardrobe for apple picking, then other “occasions” should get their fair shake, right?  For instance, what’s the fashion du jour for pumpkin patches?  Now can I go with simple jeans / t-shirt??  Hayrides?  Camp taught me it’s good to avoid shorts.  Attire for blueberry picking?  Probably want to avoid wearing white.  Vineyards?  No clue.  Renaissance Festival?  I found out last year it’s NOT fashionable to wear a turkey hat after too much wine.  Oh, I got one — Hospital volunteer work – I hear total head-to-toe and covered face wear is all the rage!

I’m pretty sure I could be the poster child of what NOT to wear on specific outings/days, especially after my recent work dress up fiasco.  It looks like I have LOTS of shopping to do.  Hey, Gerald, where’s that new credit card??


P.S. Oh, deer sweet readers, it appears not all of you caught the whole meaning of last post’s “SOFA KING.”  I’ve been trying really hard not to totally let loose the explicits on my blog, and I’ll still try to uphold this classy standard while I attempt to provide more explanation of SOFA KING.  <sorry, Mom>

Repeat the following, out loud–in front of a friend or “mature” family member if necessary–until it clicks:


SOFA KING = So Fu–ing

6 thoughts on “What I’m going to wear for apple picking”

    1. That’s funny. 🙂 No hidden anything in this post. Besides that, I’m an android person, so I won’t be “picking” an iPhone anytime soon. ha.

  1. I tend to bow out of most activities that call for more than jeans and a t-shirt. I can imagine my wearing a nice new LOFT sweater and subsequently getting stuck to a tree, coming home with multiple picks in said sweater. I’ve only been to one Renaissance Festival at which I’m sure I was mis-dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, but I do know that a giant turkey leg is a legit accessory!

    1. Oh I know! I’d for sure end up with mystery stains and rips/tears. I passed on the turkey leg and went with “steak” on a stick. Surprisingly my stomach was okay but it didn’t set well with my oldest. Ah the memories. 🙂

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