Up yours, Murphy!

Murphys LawOur smoke detector’s low battery alert started chirping:

A) during the evening hours when everyone was home (and still awake)
B) in the afternoon when no one was home (with the exception of the dog)
C) about ten minutes before my alarm clock was about to go off (about 5am-ish) when everyone was still sleeping soundly and the house was dark and since we have high ceilings, it’s not easy (for Gerald) to get to the ‘hush’ button
D) all of the above

The correct answer is C. And I am certain anyone who has ever lived in a house/apartment with smoke detectors knows damn fine the answer is C.

Years (and years) ago, when I was late junior high to early high school age, we went on our yearly family summer vacation. My paternal grandparents were also on this trip. There was lots (and lots) of driving and I remember my dad and grandpa were using CB radios to communicate. No cell phones back in those days! I swear I think my kids would be asking me what a CB radio is right about now. The radios mainly were used for the men to talk “trucker” talk. Breaker one nine, breaker one nine, I got a breaker one nine. Ten four, copy that. Okay, this post is so NOT about CB radios and their entertaining (?) lingo, but I thought I’d share that little tidbit. I can look back and laugh now, but at the time… well, anyway, where was I?

While on the trip, my dad and grandpa started declaring “Murphy’s law” on just about everything. Oh, this road is closed? Murphy’s law! We just missed this tourist attraction’s operating hours by five minutes? Murphy’s law! The gas station’s restroom is out of order? Murphy’s law! It started raining as soon as we pulled up to our hotel and we have to unpack our bags in the rain? Murphy’s law!

You get the idea. At first it may have been a little amusing, we all chimed in with our own Murphy’s law observations, but by the end of the trip, I know my sister and I both felt Murphy could take his law, roll it up into a tight little scroll, and shove it where the sun don’t shine. We never needed to hear the expression again.

So now we’re back in modern times (i.e., my adult self, married with children) and, try as I may, I’ve never been able to shake Murphy. Smoke detector battery beeping in the middle of the night? Murphy’s law, of course. Just my youngest and me traveling home from a weekend at the river and my son is spewing it out both ends? Murphy’s law strikes again. The dog rolling in poop minutes before bedtime? Yep, damn that Murphy.

Can’t escape Murphy’s law? Must be Murph…


9 thoughts on “Up yours, Murphy!”

  1. That is funny I do not remember all the murphy’s law stuff from that trip I must have blocked it out:/ But our smoke detector we can never tell which one it is you get to one and think this is it and it goes off again and is not the one you thought it was……..

  2. Murphy’s Law, also known as ‘Sod’s Law’ over here in good ol’ Blighty.

    Lost count of the amount of times I’ve stopped mid-task, turned to stare at the smoke alarm and screamed ‘SHUT UUUUUUUPPPP!!!’ until my face was red.

  3. From years of life experience, I’ve learned that Murphy’s Law is a REAL and ACTUAL law. I hate that little Irish bastard. (Note– I have a lot of Irish blood in me so it’s OK for me to use derogatory words against the Irish).

    1. I believe it (real and actual and bastard) and I can say bastard there too since Gerald has a lot of Irish in him as well. 🙂

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