To divorce or not to divorce, that is the question


No, nobody panic.  Gerald’s and my divorce talk is just fantasy.  Allow me to explain.  So Gerald and I figure that being divorced wouldn’t be such a bad deal.  All the divorced couples we know get a kid-free weekend every other weekend.  Hey, where do we sign up??  We fantasize about renting an apartment where we take turns in its occupancy.  I could get some quiet R&R time and try out some new mixed drink recipes in peace.  Gerald could invite his BFFs over to watch boxing or he could start the poker club he’s always envisioned.  I’m making up the whole poker club dream, just call it blog fluff, but I’m pretty sure it’s something he would like to do; it just seems like a guy kind of thing to do.  We could still go on family outings (if we really wanted to).  Why not?  Gerald and I could still have date night; the kids are getting old enough to make do on their own for extended periods.  This is sounding pretty sweet!  We’d probably all be happier people.  Who knew divorce could be so good for our family?!?  Oh sure, then I brought up how great it would be for me to get monthly child support.  Gerald balked at the idea.  Umm… why wouldn’t I get child support, Gerald?  We have two kids together, and if we’re gonna get divorced, I may as well get all I can out of the deal, right?  Well, he refuses to budge on the child support issue so now I’ve totally lost interest in the divorce idea.  The divorce is OFF, Gerald!


2 thoughts on “To divorce or not to divorce, that is the question”

  1. Ha! I like it! Let me tell you, my ex and I like each other a lot better now that we are apart than we did for at least the last 10 of the 20 years we were together.

    1. You just don’t hear anybody fessing up that there can be perks. I don’t see Gerald and I ever getting divorced but we can fantasize, right? 🙂

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