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I’ve heard people reference “Throwback Thursday” (on Thursdays, no doubt).  So in honor of this so-called “Throwback Thursday” Day, I thought I’d blog about some of my “famous” quotes from my former place of employment.  These quotes were so outstanding, they made the group’s whiteboard. <–<sniff> I’m so proud.

I’ll go to Fuddruckers as long as we can sit close to the cheese.  <–I don’t know; it just came out.  That’s what happens when you forget to turn the filter ON.  I was a pretty big Fuddruckers fan and I always thought, and still do, how silly it was to order (and pay for!) cheese on your burger.  Hello?  Free hot, melted cheese in the middle of the condiments/veggies section!  All-you-can-eat melted cheese, or cheese-like cheese-whiz cheesy substitute?!?  How can anyone pass up on that deal?  Well, as the years have passed, I am now one of those silly people who pass on the free “cheese.”  It’s called lactose intolerance.  Touche.

Can you imagine me with no clothes?  <–I had a good excuse for a weak filter in this instance as there was a potential emergency.  I got all the way to work and had HOT IRON STILL PLUGGED IN AND TURNED ON! flash across my brain.  I was a solo apartment dweller, so there was no one to ask to check to make sure I turned it off.  I was making a beeline back to my car and ran into my supervisor and he was all like, “Where are you going?”  And I was all like, “I think I left my iron on!”  Thoughts of a disastrous apartment fire in my head, I added, “Can you imagine me with no clothes??”  I realized as soon as it came out of my mouth how inappropriate it sounded, but I couldn’t take it back.  And the quote ended up on the whiteboard.  For a week.  Oh, and the iron was off and unplugged.

Don’t kick a gift horse in the mouth.  <–This one did not make the board, but it could have if the same (awesome) whiteboard writing co-workers had still been around!  That and we no longer had a centrally located whiteboard anymore; many resorted to using dry-erase markers on the windows.  A window placement just wouldn’t have been as prestigious as the whiteboard anyway!  I have a knack for misquoting common sayings/expressions and this was one of them.  I believe my faux pas is totally understandable though – “look a gift horse…” doesn’t make any sense either.  I found this explanation, but it was kind of long (hmm… kind of like some of my blog entries?) and so I didn’t bother to read the whole thing.

Happy Thursday, everyone!  <and nanoo nanoo>


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday quotes”

  1. I’ve quoted you numerous times on “don’t kick a gift horse in face.” Definitely a classic. And I can’t forget your abusive application of “anyone can take a reservation…the trick is to *hold* the reservation.”

    1. You remembered! And I haven’t done the Seinfeld thing in a while. That’s gotta be one of my all-time favorite episodes! Too funny.

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