This will be my year, right?

Happy New Year

I actually meant to post this before 2015 hit, but my thoughts/opinion remain the same, so what the hey. Friends and family sometimes tell me I’m a bit of a pessimist (who, me??), but I like to think myself a realist. But in spite of any pessimistic realistic attitude, have the best new year life will allow a Happy New Year!

So often around New Year’s, I hear someone say the new year will be their year. Since they consider the current year so awful, I suppose they’re looking for some relief. The ol’ “this too shall pass” thing, right?

I don’t like to look at an upcoming year like this. To me, each day usually holds its ups and downs, and I can’t fit it into a predetermined peg hole. It really has no set shape or form. I can’t say my entire 2014 was crap and look forward to 2015 thinking it’s got to be better. Why would I want to have that attitude? Do you really think everything will go your way in 2015? Don’t we all wish, but life ain’t like the movies. Unfortunately, we will still experience illness and, heaven forbid, death. Accidents could still occur and fights and conflicts between family and friends. The list of the bad goes on and on. It’s every day life, not every year life.

But you gotta look at the good too. There are babies being born and new love, weddings, anniversaries, a child’s growth and achievements, a raise, an anticipated trip, and the list goes on.Β I say don’t wait for the new year to start looking for the positives. They’re all around you. And then once you hit that new year, I’m not saying to start looking for the negatives, but just KNOW they’re going to happen. Don’t go into the new year thinking you have this super shield around you, that you’ve been struck by so much bad in the last year that anymore is just not possible.

And why wait for the new year to start that resolution? If you want to better yourself in whatever way, do itΒ now. Start living your better you, your better life, now. It’s like if you wait until the new year to start a better habit or to end an old habit, you’re expecting this perfect platform, this perfect time. I think we’ve all been around the block enough times to know that life doesn’t line up perfectly for you to start (or end) anything. Take starting a family for example. Gerald and I waited a few years after getting married before we seriously considered starting a family, but we discovered that no matter how much we planned and prepared, it just wasn’t a 100% ideal environment. Same can be said for deciding to search for a new job. No matter how much you want to switch jobs and how much you prepare, it’s still a pretty big shock to the system. You can’t be totally prepared. So there really is no point in waiting until the new year to switch some gears in your life. If you have any prep work to do, by all means do it, but again, no need to wait until a new year.

I get that after a hellacious year, the pursuit for better days is on, but I’m saying start looking for those better days today, this week, this month. No need to wait until the start of the new year to anticipate good times. They’ll come, and, thankfully, they are not dependent on the days of the calendar.


10 thoughts on “This will be my year, right?”

  1. Every day is an opportunity for something fabulous to happen. I often think I wouldn’t have the perspective to appreciate the good if there wasn’t also occasional sucky stuff.

    1. That’s a great perspective. My typical good day is spent waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’ll have to work on that this year. πŸ˜‰

      Pessimist KD

  2. I couldn’t agree more, I’m happy with 2014 because myself and my partner decided to make a lot of changes at various points of the year, our resolution on New Years Eve was to continue having a good time and to change things when they need changing, don’t wait.

    Thanks for a good read, and also thanks for popping by my blog πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for the nice comment, Jamie. And I plan on popping by your blog more often after clicking on your link from mumrevised. πŸ™‚

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