The reluctant everything

See? Jane and Judy? Flawless.

More and more I am realizing I have developed a “reluctant” personality. (I’m pretty sure Gerald figured it out before I did, by the way.) What is a reluctant personality, you ask? Well, I don’t think you’ll find the definition for it in some formal dictionary, I just made it up, but I’ll give an example — Just this very second I am the reluctant grocery shopper. And earlier I was the reluctant exerciser. And later I’ll for sure be the reluctant cook (gotta do something with all those groceries I’ll eventually get out of the house to reluctantly buy today).

At times I can be a reluctant mother. Can’t they just fix their own food and do their own laundry? The reluctant wife? Yeah, sometimes. I’m just so tired or have so many to-dos to do that when I get a free second, I want to literally sit and do nothing. Why, just this morning, I was the reluctant get out of bedder. I was also the reluctant hair and makeup artist. Oh how I wish the automatic hair and makeup machine had been invented already. I mean, how long ago did I see this dream contraption on the Jetson’s intro? The female characters on the show didn’t have to lift a finger to be ready for the day, they had some automated machine thing that did it all for them.

My gusto for cleaning toilets is also no longer because I have also become the… you guessed it… reluctant house cleaner. (We do have a cleaning service but I have to use the term “cleaning” very loosely here.) The reluctant friend — I believe friends have also noticed my reluctance when they ask me to do pretty much anything. And I am rarely the asker, I’m mainly the askee.

Oh where did my life gusto/energy go? Maybe it is disappearing right along with my youth. Hey… maybe this is my midlife crisis. Hmm… what kind of havoc can I reek for my midlife crisis? What’s typical? I guess a man maybe buys a sports car and/or starts dyeing his hair to hide the grey. I could care less about a sports car and I already do my hair. In fact, I have no idea my actual hair color. Great, now I think I have to add reluctant midlife crisis haver to my reluctances.

But anyhoo, not really sure where I’m heading here with this little self discovery. But recognizing a problem is the first step for fixing it, right? So I’ve recognized it. Good for me. Now if I just wasn’t so reluctant to figure out Step 2.


12 thoughts on “The reluctant everything”

  1. You are not alone. I’m only 22 and I honestly can’t find a reason to wake up most mornings. I’m at that point where I pretty much only do the bare minimum to survive (i.e. sleep, eat, bathroom, and occasionally shower). Especially since I’ve gone through every show on Netflix 8 billion times, I’m just like “What do I do now?” lol

    1. Shoot I wish I could get to a “what do I do now” phase. Between the boys and Gerald, I always have plenty to do. Big sigh. And if I ever attempt a “strike” well that never works out. They don’t seem to be bothered by dirty dishes and mountains of dirty laundry (but it bothers me!).

      1. Haha ughh I feel you! I tried that with my boyfriend and it got bad. He didn’t even notice and then one day he went out to the laundromat and brought back only HIS dirty clothes like, “What’s the big deal? I did laundry.” And I wanted to sit in a corner and cry forever haha.

  2. I’m with you on almost all of those counts.
    Today, I’m a reluctant-everything – I was a reluctant worker, a reluctant patient person, and when I got home, a reluctant caregiver for Ant, who is ill. Again. All of this is how I’ve justified having KFC for dinner. I’m also a reluctant healthy-eater 😉

  3. This post rocks. Now I know I’m not being lazy on Saturday about doing the chores… just reluctant! (very reluctant). Glad you were not too reluctant to write it!

  4. I can relate so much. I’m having a reluctant day right now. I’m forcing myself to do everything, from writing to housework to errands. I’m not sure where it comes from. I blame the weather.
    Maybe when we finally get warmth up here in the north, it’ll be the kick we need. At least that’s what I tell myself.

    1. I’ve wondered if it could be weather related as well. And also hope I’ll feel a little more energetic when the sun comes out to stay.

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