The path of list resistance

My mom has always been a HUGE proponent of the list. Me? Not so much. In fact, I believe I go out of my way in some strange rebellion against the list. I’m suspicious that my hesitation to the list has been causing me some grief lately. But in true rebellious fashion, I’m not going to admit defeat. I’m not going to admit that maybe I should simply draft a list and my life would become a little less chaotic, a little less disorganized.

We have a cruise coming up and when I mean coming up, it’s coming upΒ fast. It’s like you know how when you scheduled something months and months in advance and you keep thinking plenty of time, plenty of time, but then next thing you know, you don’t have plenty of time and it’s time to start getting ready (and now!). And that’s when the fight in my brain started (Practical Self vs. Stubborn Self).

Practical Self (boo!): You should make up a list of all the things you still need to do to get ready for the trip.

Stubborn Self: No, I don’t need no stinking list. I can remember everything without a list.

Practical Self: But, but… you have so much going on. Wouldn’t having a checklist make things easier? Nothing would be forgotten.

Stubborn Self: <giving Practical Self a dirty look and maybe a special hand gesture>

Practical Self: Don’t you still need to buy some new clothes? And Gerald and the boys need some items as well.

Stubborn Self: <still giving Practical Self a dirty look and maybe sticking my fingers in my ears although that tactic really isn’t working since this argument is within my head>

Practical Self: And May is a super busy month full of school wrap up crap. So easy to just look at your list…

Stubborn Self: Lalalala… not listening…

Practical Self: All the home improvement projects? All the self improvement projects? Tummy tuck, face lift, nose job…

Stubborn Self: What?? I’m not planning any self improvement projects like that! Although… now that you mention my nose…

Practical Self: Ha! You were paying attention!

Stubborn Self: Sneak. That was low. You’re good though.

Practical Self: And then let’s not forget Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and there are a few graduation events…

Stubborn Self: Hey… wait a second, did we just build the list??

First and foremost on the list should be to get through the 8th grade dance
First and foremost on the list should be to get through the 8th grade dance


16 thoughts on “The path of list resistance”

  1. You sound like Alex!!!! I always have a list of things to remind him to do.

    Also: The above advice is solid. Build a list of things you’e already done, then cross them off. Oh so satisfying. Then you’ll be addicted.

    1. Maybe I’ll actually be prepared for this trip, with all the great suggestions I’ve been getting! Hmm.. but probably not. πŸ˜‰

  2. I also hate lists, but I have learned to appreciate their usefulness. So, to get around making lists, I make Anthony do them and then answer yes or no to ‘have we done this?’.

    Works perfectly, non-list integrity intact.

  3. I am a list writer and then a non-consulter (that is totally a word). I do cross things off when I find the list though and am surprised by how much I have done and have not done.

    1. I make list attempts occasionaly but yeah, they often end up lost in the clutter that was on the list to clean up! Then find them way later and discover how priorities shifted.

  4. Ah, I kind of like that Practical Self has just enough of a sneaky side to win the battle… I’m a list maker only when it comes to travel. Otherwise I’d torment myself with endless nightmares about showing up at the airport without my passport and no bathing suit. Happy Cruising!

    1. I guess I should actually write the list, the whole kit and kaboodle. The trip just keeps getting closer! πŸ™‚

  5. The list is always better when it is made for someone else to do. Fortunately it keeps vanishing from the fridge door.

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