The muffin chronicles

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Anyone who knows me, and you don’t have to know me well to know this, knows I have multiple food intolerances. I don’t try to hide it, I can actually be quite vocal about it (gluten is evil, people!), and it’s not unusual for others to approach me with questions. After all, I have spent A LOT of time and energy to get where I am, or actually where my stomach is, now and I ain’t never going back.

My discovered intolerances include gluten, lactose, and fructose. Oh and I discovered an intolerance to sugar alcohols at a later date. Maltitol, anyone? Trust me, just say no. It was fairly recent when I read that my particular intolerance issues are most likely due to a particular carbohydrate string (that just so happens to be in gluten, lactose, and fructose). So see?? I’m not crazy, Dr. GI Specialist Wanker.

But I’m getting WAY off topic. I started my food “journey” with a few found muffin recipes (from several purchased GF cookbooks and online). I mean, who doesn’t like muffins?? I tried blueberry and banana and graduated to a little more interesting pumpkin nut and banana chocolate chip. And I’ve recently added some flourless chocolate cake like muffins and little doughnut muffins.

While doing all this muffin making, other non gluten free individuals (I won’t point fingers. cough. Family. cough. Coworkers) started taking note of my really tasty muffins. Is this starting to sound dirty? Or maybe I just have a dirty mind? But anyway, if you’ve ever made gluten free baked goods, you know it can be expensive (some of the gluten free flours are pricey and come in teeny tiny packages) and time consuming (you have to build your flour using several different types and thoroughly sift it all together). So I can’t help but be a little stingy when it comes to my gluten free baked items.

I started to notice my youngest having a little trouble with gluten as well. Sorry, kid, just your luck, it looks like you may have inherited your mom’s tummy genes. Since my son appears to be doomed to such a food limiting fate, I have had mercy on him and have been baking GF muffins to keep the two of us supplied with some sort of breakfast source. Admittedly, usually not the healthiest breakfast choice, but hey, don’t judge.

With this new little muffin share we got going, we’ve had a couple mishaps. On the way out the door in the morning, we both grab our lunch, and we each grab a muffin. One morning, my kiddo forgot to get his muffin and we were already halfway to our destination. Ha, well I remembered mine. At first, I was all like hey, guess you won’t forget next time. But then I felt bad and was all like fine, you can have mine (but just this once!). Oh the sacrifices I make for my children!

The second mishap was more like an almost mishap. My son had made it out of the house with his muffin, but nearly sat on it in the car. It was in a little baggie but it still would’ve been smooshed beyond recognition.

Muffin incidents aside, it’s been a pretty interesting experience for both my son and me. And I believe it’s actually brought us closer. We discuss what will go in his lunch for the week and what sort of treats, sweets, yeah… mostly muffins, I’ll be making next. And I get what he’s going through more than anyone else in the family because hey, I’ve been there.


5 thoughts on “The muffin chronicles”

    1. Yed, it’s so easy to cross contaminate. I have friends and family who do make a big effort and it is truly appreciated but I still find it best to bring my own food (muffins!) in most cases.

  1. The bakery I blog for (Alecia Bakery NYC) sells primarily gluten free product and you can’t taste the difference. I don’t have a problem with gluten, but I notice I feel better if I don’t eat it. I’m sure that’s true of everyone.

    1. Bookmarking the bakery website now! Thank you! Removing gluten from my diet has made HUGE (positive) difference in my life. I’m thinking the only down side is attempting to eat away from home.

  2. On a personal note, I don’t believe our youngest has a huge problem with gluten. The only negative thing he experiences is gas……he farts a lot after eating something with gluten.

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