The most beautiful girl in the world

The funniest thing – my blog posts don’t write themselves. Hmph. I mean, you would think with all the technological advances out there in the world today, I could just feed my random deep thoughts into some super duper writings generator. I’ll call it my SDWG. Every lazy and/or unmotivated writer will want one! Well since my SDWG is still stuck in my fantasy world, guess I’ll have to just write this post myself. Lame.

Some days I feel good. It all pulls together. I feel like I look good, and then, I work it, baby!Β I believe if you feel good, this exudes into your outer beauty as well. There are some days when I have the uglies, but that’s another post (and hopefully I’ll have my SDWG by then).

Like the time when I was still in my twenties (sigh) working at one of the local newspapers when a (cute!) ladder located maintenance guy about broke his neck to watch me walk down the hall. I heard his older protege playfully reprimand him. Oh yeah, I looked good.

And then there was the time at the dry cleaners when a guy out of nowhere complimented my hair, and asked about my headband (it was true 90’s stylin, I’m sure of it). He wasn’t gay, I don’t think anyway. I think he was looking for a conversation starter, any conversation starter.Β I gotta admit, my hair was really rockin’ that day. Oh yeah, I looked good.

That time in high school when this idiot Shane was standing outside the classroom and winking at me and blowing kisses. At first, I had no idea this was directed at me. I mean, what in the hell??? But then I realized it was at me and I just wanted to sink into my seat and disappear. I’m sure I looked smokin’ that day, probably in my super duper shoulder padded sweater dress (SDSPSD) or some other similar 80’s style whatnot. Oh yeah, I looked good.

The time at a College Station night club when I had some guy attach to me like a puppy. I danced (and I use the term “danced” loosely here as my form of dance mimics Elaine’s moves on Seinfeld) with him once and then he wouldn’t leave our table. He sat there staring at me like I was the most beautiful girl in the world. I suppose I should have been flattered, but I was more creeped out than anything. And I’m pretty sure the guy was on X or something. It’s not so great to get all that attention from someone on drugs when they’d just assume attach themselves to whatever happens to walk by. Guess I shouldn’t complain though. I had my bffs do my hair that night. So, oh yeah, I looked good.

Funny how such attention garnering experiences are fewer and far between now that I’m in my <gulp> forties. I’m positive the decrease has something to do with my getting older. But it may also have something to do with me not really giving a flip anymore if my hair and makeup aren’t perfect; my clothes and shoe selections have become more about comfort than appearance; and I’ve slacked off on my exercise. Don’t get me wrong, I still care about my appearance, for the most part, and I still try to look my best, for the most part. But am I out to grab the attention of the opposite sex? No. Well, most of the time, no. Sometimes, yes. Maybe. I think as you do age, as you do (hopefully?) mature, you’re no longer looking for that kind of attention.

Gerald provides me all the attention I need (most of the time). Back when Gerald and I used to ride to work together, work in the same office together, eat lunch together, drive home together, sleep together, etc, I told Gerald he was required, every day, to tell me I looked like a princess. I admit to having to give a few nudges on most some mornings. A little cough, a little knowing look would usually do the trick. I needed wanted that affirmation. Now… I’m not looking for it as much. Although I’m still known to give Gerald a little nudge.


15 thoughts on “The most beautiful girl in the world”

  1. Mister tells me at the strangest times that I am beautiful. He tells me when I am looking hot too… But I expect those. He will tell me when I am sick, crying, mad or just waking up and I didn’t have the foresight to come up with kd’s Princess Deal (KDPD)–#Genius. Thank God for aging eyes. As I age, Mister’s eyes keep getting worse. I think it softens out the wrinkles a bit πŸ™‚

    1. A plus to aging! Yes! I’ll tell Gerald the princess thing has an actual name now. Me to Gerald: Um.. you haven’t fulfilled your side of the KDPD today.

      1. No, she’s at the other end of the room, but with the binoculars on her lap, so I can’t be too careful.

        Thanks for the lack of questionable drawings with this post, by the way. You’ve just no idea the explaining I’ve had to do.

  2. I have found that in my (ahem) forties I am far more interested in doing good and being good rather than in looking good. If the right people tell us often enough (granted, with a bit of nudging) then that is all we really need. πŸ™‚

    1. I’ve always found that someone who is good on the inside is more attractive on the outside as well. It’s a win-win. πŸ™‚

  3. Great post, but you know what would have made it really pop? A boob drawing–it’s kind of on topic, after all. (Just teasing!)

    I feel mixed about my looks having faded. When you’re young you just take it for granted that you’ll be turning heads–aging is still an abstract idea that has nothing to do with you. But I didn’t always enjoy that kind of attention, either. On the other hand, I do miss it sometimes and it can make me feel invisible, especially when I watch some man checking out my daughter and ignoring me.

    Something funny happened to me recently. I was driving my minivan (talk about sexy!) and was at a red light, waiting to make a left turn. There was this middle aged long-haired biker dude wearing a bandana who was ahead of me in the next lane. He turned around and smiled at me and I smiled back. Then he raised his eyebrows up and down which made me laugh. Then he stuck his tongue out and started moving it around in a sexually suggestive way, which really cracked me up. He raised his eyebrows again in a questioning way and I shook my head. His smile disappeared abruptly and he looked really disappointed and then just looked straight ahead again. I thought we were just having a laugh, but it seemed he was actually serious (ew!) So I guess I still got it going on in the middle aged Harley riding crowd. Maybe I should try my luck with the senior citizens next. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes the boob drawing and life hill (!) pics were very popular!

      Sometimes I forget it’s possible for me to be the oldest one in the room, like at functions for the kids or even at work with the younger generation. Where did they come from? πŸ™‚

      And yeah, it probably would have stayed more flattering if the guy had kept it light and fun.

  4. It seems like confidence is a key to attractiveness which is why some of us, like fine wines, improve with age. We get better the less we care. Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

    1. Very true. I suppose the confidence factor was pretty high going into these interactions with the opposite sex. And hmm if I have gotten better with age, funny how I wouldn’t even notice anymore, the maturity (cough) and all.

  5. So true, so true Karen. I agree with all you’ve written here. It’s nice to have a spouse who will tell me I’m gorgeous for no reason at all. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s a sincere compliment or if he just wants to get me into bed. I guess it shouldn’t matter but it kind of does. Oh, it’s a Sunday afternoon and my hair is in a messy bun, I forgot to put on deodorant and I have a huge zit on my chin. Oh, and you want to go “snuggle” in our bedroom for a little bit? Yeah, I’m sure I’m gorgeous all right.

    Thanks for the Elaine dance clip. I forgot how funny that was.

    1. I think in a deep loving relationship, you can look gorgeous to your significant other just for the sole reason that that person knows you so well and really does see your inner beauty. The inner beauty makes your outer beauty better that much better. Such deep thoughts from COL, I know! πŸ™‚

  6. Karen,
    I bet you’re still cute, just too busy to notice the adoring glances.
    Every once in a while (okay, once a year) I’ll look up from whatever mess I’m engaged in. A man will catch my eye and smile. Sigh. It makes my day.

    1. My mother did always stress to my sister and me the importance of taking care of oneself, of putting your best self out there. I’ve found that guidance to be very helpful through the years.

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