The double standard


double standard

I’ve had to explain to Gerald over and over again that yes, there is a double standard when it comes to what women can get away with (and men can’t).  Yes, I may bug the hell out of you, but no, you may not bug the hell out of me.  Yes, I may finish all the orange chocolate your parents brought back just for you from their Scotland trip even though I don’t really like orange chocolate.  Yes, I may take one bite out of every chocolate in a box of chocolates to find one I like and then leave the ones I find yucky for you.  Yes, I may leave whatever junk of mine around the house, but no, you are not allowed to leave dirty clothes, dirty dishes, shoes, etc. laying around.  Yes, I am allowed to be loud and obnoxious while you are napping (it’s funny when I do it), but no, you are not allowed to disturb me when I am trying to sleep (it’s not funny when you do it to me).  If I break something in the house, or even if I mess something up on the car, that’s okay.  But if you break something, you know you will never hear the end of it.  If I am suffering from a self-induced illness/hangover, I am to receive the sympathy and pity I am seeking.  If you are suffering the same fate, you will receive lights on, window shades fully open, covers off, and blackmail camera flashes.

Now what’s so hard to understand about that?


2 thoughts on “The double standard”

    1. Ya know one day I’ll think he’s got it but then the very next day he will try to go against the double standard! What are ya gonna do?

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