TBT – My first apartment


Many years ago, college completed and new job in hand, I moved out on my own and into my very first apartment.  I was so excited about my independent living, I could totally overlook the roaches that also resided with me.  Bleh!  Roaches aside, my first apartment is still a good memory.  I had so little when I moved in.  My parents let me take my bedroom furniture with me; they were probably actually glad to see it go.  And my sister and brother-in-law lent me a table and chairs upon move-in.  My b-i-l also did most of the moving that day.  Not sure how he ended up getting stuck doing that; I’m sure he wonders the same.  But anyhoo, I had zero living room furniture.  All I had was a coffee table, oh and a tv and tv stand, but that was it, so the living area looked pretty sparse.

For the first few months, I would sit on the living room floor to watch tv or talk on the phone.  I had a monitor/keyboard setup from work on my coffee table and I would sit on the floor in front of that to remotely trouble shoot any off-hours work issues.  I really didn’t care that I had no sofa or chair.  But give it more time and a little more money saved, my sister went with me to buy furniture.  We ended up in the store’s “outlet” (read: cheap, well cheaper) section and I found a sweet (!) sofa and loveseat combo, a beige color with wide navy blue vertical stripes.  There were even some decorative pillows to boot!  Can’t have enough of those!

About a week or so after the furniture store trip, my very first sofa/loveseat set was delivered.  I loved, loved, loved it!  I was so excited.  I remember coming in the living room over and over just to look at it.  I was pretty proud of my little apartment.  I was proud of myself for my accomplishments.  It felt good to know that I had worked hard and saved my own money for apartment rent and furniture.  I was living completely on my own and loved the feeling of independence.  What a good feeling.  I can only wish the same feelings of excitement and accomplishment on my boys when the time comes.


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    1. You already know about my first car purchase, you were there, remember? I’m pretty sure our perspectives/memories of that whole car-buying experience would be completely different, huh? Ha.

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