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The nastiest bathroom

This is more an AFTER shot
This is more an AFTER shot. The BEFORE was more yellow.

I am certain my boys are secretly participating in some Nastiest Bathroom contest. I wonder if they’ll be upset with me in the morning when they realize I’ve dashed their hopes of bringing home a first place win.

Crystallized pee. And do you think they realize the sink’s water spout/spicket isn’t supposed to be solid black?

It’s only been a few weeks since the last–and final because I canceled the service–house cleaning service came. I had had enough for a while, but Gerald finally reached his breaking point when the cleaning ladies were being too hard on our bathroom fixtures (again), and we were just certain they would end up causing a costly repair.

But anyway, back to the boys’ bathroom. I had meant to get to it last weekend but since I spent the whole day on the kitchen, I didn’t bother with anything else. Oh, I’ll get to it during the week. Yeah, right.

I’m the only one who cleans my house like I want. I actually use elbow grease. I’m pretty sure most cleaning services don’t know about this secret “ingredient.” Anyway, every time we’ve gotten rid of a maid service, which has turned out to be pretty frequently, I figure I can handle it all by myself.

Then reality sets in. I realize if I attempt to be the sole cleaner of my house, I will literally whittle away my entire weekend to thoroughly sanitize my home, only to have to do the same damn thing in another couple weeks. And then there was last night. Oh yes, after last night’s venture into the boys’ bathroom, it really hit me that I don’t WANT to clean up after them. An expensive, mediocre cleaning service is just what’s in order.

I plan on getting a new service soon, but in the meantime, the boys will have to settle for 3rd place in the Nastiest Bathroom competition.