Sleep with one eye open, watching Forensic Files


Okay, I already sleep with the covers clean up to my neck every night, due to watching the movie Salem’s Lot when I was about 11. My friend and I were left to our own devices one afternoon and we thought we’d watch a forbidden Restricted movie. To this day, I wish I had never watched that movie. There’s this one part, and the only part of the movie I can even remember, where one of the vampires was scratching at a bedroom window. I can’t recall anything before or after that scene, but ever since then I sleep with the covers up to my neck. Why, you ask? To protect my neck from biting vampires, of course.Β Gerald finds my neck coverage funny and claims I am a glutton for punishment. Go look up the Urban Dictionary definition of “dutch oven” if you’re curious what I mean.

But anyway, you throw my family’s latest obsession of watching back-to-back episodes of Forensic Files into the mix, and well, it’s just all kinds of wrong.

First, if you’ve ever watched Forensic Files, you know the voice-over guy totally sucks you in at the beginning of the show AND before each commercial break.Β You’ve gotta come back if you want to find out who killed Jane (and with what blunt object or poison or gun or knife or whatever)! Don’t miss a second! So NOT watching the show once started is simply not an option.

Stories of serial killers and rapists abound. Many of the stories reveal the perpetrator was a complete stranger. And after watching episode after episode of this show, you REALLY start losing faith in humanity. I started getting (even more) paranoid about the house being locked up tight and the house alarm always being set at night. Listening for strange noises outside the window (I don’t want there to be some peeping Tom out there! Forensic Files has included a story on a peeping Tom turned killer, wouldn’t cha know.).

So between Gerald’s dutch ovens, protecting my neck from vampires, and now having to sleep with one eye open, it’s no wonder I get any sleep at all these days.


12 thoughts on “Sleep with one eye open, watching Forensic Files”

  1. Keeping the covers over your neck to prevent vampire bites makes complete sense. I always slept on my stomach so that an ax murderer couldn’t break in and stab me in the heart. (Ah, the logic of elementary school.)

    And I wasn’t even allowed to watch scary stuff as a child. (Which is a little scary all by itself and on a whole different level, now that I think about it.

    1. Funny. And totally logical yes. I wasn’t supposed to watch scary movies either and I can see why (now). I avoid scary movies now. πŸ™‚

  2. I think I have watched two horror movies in my life because I don’t like to be scared. They don’t, however, give me nightmares or anything else. We love Walking Dead on Sunday nights right before bed and my husband will wake up scared, and I will sleep through his torture like the dead… or un-dead. I feel for you on the dutch oven thing though. That was my dad’s special ‘trick’. That one will give me nightmares!

    1. I gotta wonder if Gerald and I are the only ones on the planet who are not watching Walking Dead. I think I could handle that show. I made it through True Blood for Pete’s sake. Hmm.. maybe I should give Salem’s Lot a try now that I’m older. On second thought, nah. πŸ™‚

  3. When I was young, we had Ghost comic books and the like. Now what do you do with a comic book with a really scary story in it? Sure can’t put it under the bed! Can’t forget the story and don’t know how to get rid of the book! Lot’s of worry about waking up and finding that comic book opened to the scary part.

    1. Back around Halloween time, a friend posted a scary little video and the video was automatically playing like it likes to do on my phone. Totally freaked me out,just the few seconds I saw. So I’m pretty much a wuss. πŸ™‚

    1. You and my husband both. πŸ™‚ And yes, they’re everywhere, that’s what makes it so unnerving. And the forensic science is AFTER the fact (murder, attack,etc). Zoinks!

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