She does more than just bang, thank you

I do some of my “deepest” thinking in the car on my way to work, and the other morning was no different. Satellite radio was playing Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” and I suppose it’s the first time I paid attention to the lyrics. First, the obvious, Ricky Martin is singing about how “she bangs?” Really? Ricky Martin?

Ricky sings the line, “She reminds me that a woman’s got one thing on her mind.” Who wrote this song? I mean, huh? Yeah, pretty sure Ricky has no idea what’s on a woman’s mind, nor does he even care, but I can promise you I don’t have just one thing on my mind. And of all the things I do have on my mind, it sure ain’t what I think Ricky is referring to. But then again, we are talking about Ricky Martin here, so maybe his reference to “one thing” could be something harmless like butterflies or maybe rainbows or ponies. Oh, chocolate, yeah, I wouldn’t mind if there’s chocolate. Wine, that’s a good one. Maybe any kind of self-medicating or meditating items or images… Oh, where was I? See?? See how I don’t just got one thing on my mind??

Let’s investigate the thingS (yes, multiple) I actually do have on my mind. Well, pretty much all the aforementioned items (rainbows, ponies, chocolate, etc.) simply because they were mentioned and so now they’re in my head. And on top of all these (and in no particular order), there’s spouse, work, kids, upcoming vacation, home projects, finances, laundry, groceries, meal planning, friends, family, world peace (or really the lack thereof), health, fitness, blog writing (post preparing), blog reading, wants, needs, school related events, and the list goes on to infinity (and beyond because yes, you can do infinity and beyond, Buzz Lightyear confirmed it).

I don’t know who wrote the “She Bangs” song, but I can tell the writers that no woman is that shallow, no woman only has one thing on her mind. And if that one thing does happen to be on her mind, it’s there along with the other infinity plus one things she has going on in there. So bang that, Ricky Martin.

Oh, Ricky, I still think you’re so fine…


18 thoughts on “She does more than just bang, thank you”

    1. I like the song, maybe with the exception of that one line though. Ricky Martin looks awfully good in the video too. 🙂

  1. I know I end up with several mystery bruises in a week. Maybe my subconscious is banging me into stuff that I don’t recall because it is, in fact, on my mind? Conundrum…

  2. Considering the news that came out about him some time later I’m pretty sure Ricky meant “he”. We men are perfectly capable of having more than one thing on our mind, of course, even when most of the blood that should be flowing to our brains is directed below the waist. Some just don’t want to multitask and make the mistake of thinking everyone else is the same.

    1. Revenge would be so much sweeter here if I didn’t have “She Bangs” playing over and over in my head for the last couple days. “Macho Man” would actually be a welcome reprieve at this point.

      1. Whenever someone tells me they have an annoying song stuck in their head I tell them I know how to fix that.


        Side effects include having an even worse song stuck in your head.

        1. Well I hope you’re happy with yourself, Christopher. Nothing like going into work with the Mickey song in my head…

  3. Hilarious. Yes, in Ricky’s world, women have nothing else to do than fantasize about “banging” to use the vernacular. If men only have one thing on their mind, maybe its because they don’t have all the details of life to see to. (Okay, now I’m in a state, must calm down). See what you started, Karen?

    1. I’m starting to feel bad for ragging on Ricky so much for this song when we all know he had NOTHING to do with the lyrics. He’s really cute though so I can kind of let the whole talentless thing slide. 🙂

  4. After reading your post, I had to watch the video and listen to the song again. Thanks, now I do have one thing on my mind. I’m totally in the mood. Now I have to put on my shoes and walk to the store to get some chocolate. Damn.

    1. Oh I think I’m always in the mood for chocolate (and that’s actual chocolate, not any metaphorical anything there). 🙂

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