Random ramblings


Individually, these little gems are too short to make for a whole blog entry, so they are being combined into one glorious post! I know, lucky you.

The chicken nugget will cleanse your pallet — The side sauce for the nuggets was supposed to be just plain Jane ranch but my oldest ended up with the jalapeno ranch. Of course his dad and I encouraged him to at least try the spicier sauce. My son tried it, and then, with mouth on fire, he declared he was done eating. I was annoyed at the wasted money and food, and advised him that eating one of the nuggets sans any sauce would help to dissipate the heat. I have no idea if that’s true or not. My son didn’t eat another bite.

Do you trust this printer?  — I don’t know, do I? The printer has been looking a little squirrely lately. I was at work and wanting to print a PDF file, like I’ve done at least a hundred times before, and I get some weirdness about downloading drivers and printer trustworthiness. I called Help Desk. I figured those guys can vouch for the printer’s character, or lack thereof.

The only way I’ll ever run out of blogging material is if I’m dead — When I first launched my blog and was getting all panicky about having blogger’s block, Gerald, the husband, made a comment about the possibility of me running out of material. So then I panicked some more. But then I realized if I ever truly run out of material to blog about, I must be dead. After all, there is always something to blog about in this world. I don’t care if it’s something as boring as watching paint dry, by golly, I can still write about it if I want. So pffttt to you, Gerald H. (and to sucky writer’s block).

What color is your pee? — Did you know this question is a sign of someone caring? Let me elaborate – My oldest had a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and if you’ve never had one then great for you, but if you ever have had one, you know it hurts like a son of a bitch. My son’s condition was most likely caused by him not drinking enough liquids. It was summertime and super hot out and he wasn’t taking in as much water as he was sweating out, if you know what I’m saying. Anyway, in true mom fashion, I kept on him to make sure he had a water bottle with him, and I found myself asking him about his pee. If it’s a light yellow, then he’s golden (yes, pun). If it it’s a dark yellow, then that’s not good. So I was asking out of concern for my child, thank you very much.

Often times I send myself a text message as a reminder for some task or event or whatever. I’ll have just sent the text and then my phone vibrates, and I’m all excited and like, “Oh, someone sent me a message!” and then I look and realize it’s the message I just sent to myself.

You can’t catch diarrhea in your hand — Some good advice I gave to my boys. I don’t think anyone wants me to elaborate on this one.

And I believe that about wraps up today’s random ramblings. Until next time, you crazy kids!


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