Necessary nagging?

I thought I’d have all kinds of Spring Break shenanigans to write about this week, but it’s been pretty tame. I suppose my boys are maturing a little? Hmm… I don’t know if that’s the case, but one interesting thing discovered is that my youngest thought “vagina” was “bagina.” That’s bagina with a ‘B’. Goodness only knows how vaginas/baginas came up, but I thought it was pretty funny and blog worthy. So there. But since I can’t really fill up a whole blog post with bagina, I came up with a totally different topic, every married man’s favorite subject, the subject of “nagging.” Enjoy…

Gerald and I do a sort of “tag team” thing for Spring Break. The boys and I travel to visit my parents in the beautiful Texas hill country. It’s a win-win for all. Gerald gets several days of quiet, and the boys and I get to spend time with my parents, their grandparents. The kids and I then come back home midweek and Gerald gets to take charge for the remainder of the week as I head back for a couple work days before the weekend.

Gerald doesn’t hide the fact that he enjoys his yearly respite away from the boys and me. I believe it was last year when we were just pulling out of the driveway and here comes Gerald bringing his golf simulator in to the house from the garage. Really, Gerald? You couldn’t wait until we were at least out of the line of vision?

Every year, I call/text to check on how things are going at the house, if Gerald has remembered to do this and that. And every year I get grief about my constant helpful nagging reminders. I must say I was pretty amused when I received the following Monday (summarized) text from my husband:

…set off the house alarm when letting the dog out this morning, waited for a call that never came (from the alarm monitoring company), couldn’t find my keys, traffic sucked because of rain…

I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more needed. There’s so much Gerald doesn’t even realize he doesn’t have to deal with. What can I say? His wife does A LOT. And it’s nice to know my presence does help the house run more seamlessly. And it’s nice to know that Gerald may just notice my absence (maybe, at least a little?).

I know Gerald has to object, if only because he feels he has to, being the stubborn man that he is and all and he wouldn’t want to break any “man” laws, but I do believe that some of my nagging reminders are necessary and even wanted. Oh, I think I hear Gerald hemming and hawing right now. Say what you will, dear husband, but ah shucks, you really do miss me when I’m gone, don’t you? And you really do need me, don’t you?


10 thoughts on “Necessary nagging?”

  1. I’ll admit that I do need you and I know how much you do around here, but miss you for 3 days during spring break? You can’t be serious??

  2. I get nagged a lot by Anthony. He says ‘i’m not nagging I’m just helping you be a better person’. Personally, I think he’s so frustrated with how utterly perfect I am he makes shit up in order to make himself feel better.

  3. My husband thinks it’s hilarious to say “do I have to do EVERYTHING around here?” then he laughs hysterically.

    It’s that laugh that saves his life. Every time.

  4. OK, I think it’s hilarious that your husband was the first comment on this post. You don’t mention if you get a week away by yourself. Because to be fair, you totally should. In case anyone is asking me…

    1. You’re the second one to ask that question today. No, but my own doing really. Gerald would go for it but I’d have to plan something and I never get around to planning anything.

  5. Oh yes, I hear you. When I leave for a few days my husband acts like he’s suddenly in charge of the next NASA launch. All the “little” details I do everyday, suddenly don’t seem so little. He knows I could never do what he does. Its nice, however, when he realizes the opposite. Nice post.

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