Navigation Lady

This past weekend, I took my older son to visit family, just the two of us navigating roads I rarely travel.  Right there is a recipe for disaster, but hey, the car will tell me where to go, right??  Or is it left?  We’ve only had the new vehicle for about three months now and I’m still trying to understand the quirkiness of the navigation system.

“The freeway is on the right.”

Okay, well good for you, Navigation Lady.  Now, am I exiting to the right or are you just informing me that the freeway is on the right?

I found out twice on the way there that did actually mean I was supposed to exit (at least for this trip anyway).  I’m glad to report that we did make it to our destination (on the right).

Now on the way back —

“Exit 299 is on the right.”

There is no Exit 299, Navigation Lady.  Lots and lots of construction so perhaps Exit 299 has been temporarily relocated/detoured/?  Now what??

“Next right.”

Okay, whatever you say.  We ended up in the heart of the little town of Temple, Texas.  Navigation Lady was leading me back to a highway I was supposed to get on upon exiting Exit 299.  But like I tried to tell Navigation Lady, there is no Exit 299.  Oh, Navigation Lady, why do you play such games with me??

I’m glad to report that we finally made it to our home destination (on the left).  I must say it did make for an interesting trip, countryside and little picturesque towns never seen before.  Maybe I should thank Navigation Lady.

Thank you, Navigation Lady!

“I’m sorry, I didn’t understand your command.  Try again.”




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