My stink signal


The other day I was folding laundry and my youngest had one of his weird cartoons on–aren’t today’s cartoons weird??–and I hear a skunk character say he would use his “stink signal.”  I think this skunk was some sort of super hero skunk, and was attempting some sort of super hero action, but anyway, he lets off his stink signal and it floats up to his bird friend above, only to have his bird friend pass out from the stench, and then inevitably fall from the sky.  I had to laugh.  My stink signal?  I told my son there was a blog posting in there somewhere.

So I started wondering, how often do I go in with the noblest/best of intentions to help, only to screw up someone else’s world?  I definitely have had my fair share of mess-ups, just ask pretty much any of my past/present/future co-workers.  Whether it’s saying the wrong thing at the wrong time or providing too much information in an email, I think I’ve done it all.  I often find myself attempting to back pedal my way out of a mess.  I have a tendency to ramble–I know, who knew?–so I may provide unnecessary information regarding an issue and cause a bigger stir than need be.  And I may say one thing but it gets translated to the complete opposite by the time I get done with my over explaining.

Hmm.. how to resolve such a short-coming?  I’m not sure, but they, the forever omnipotent “they,” say that recognizing there is a problem is the first step to recovery.  Or is that for the Alcoholics Anonymous program?  But anyway, I believe  I am more aware and I do try to approach each situation with care and consideration.  And I hope those who know me, know that when I send out my stink signal, it’s only with the best of super hero intentions.


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