My second blog entry ever

My first blog entry ever was met with much enthusiasm by my gazillions of blog readers (right??) so the pressure is ON for the second blog entry to be just as good, or even better! <gulp>  I’ve actually been drafting several blog entries behind the scenes, previous to my <sound the trumpets> official blog launching, and I’m trying to determine which of these to post first.  And then I’ve had new ideas bouncing around in my head since the blog launching.  So I don’t know if I want to publish my already-in-the-can THANK YOU, CLEANING LADIES, or a new blog idea titled, I REALIZE THE ONLY EMBARRASSING STORIES I CAN EVER POST ON MY BLOG CAN ONLY BE ABOUT ME OR THE DOG UNLESS I WANT TO FACE SOME SORT OF UNCOMFORTABLE SOCIAL SHUNNING OR A POTENTIAL LAWSUIT.  Hmm… I think I just wrote the whole blog entry for the second one there.  The title itself sort of gives it all away, no?  So without further ado, I give you, huh hum, THANK YOU, CLEANING LADIES —

We have our house cleaned every other week, and although I know I should be grateful that I do get every-other-week relief from my perpetually cluttered/dirty/messy house, I find myself complaining about how the ladies leave some areas or things in the house. For instance, thankfully I noticed the showerhead was facing up towards the ceiling before turning on the shower this morning. Thank you, cleaning ladies. And I have to go around the whole house–okay, it doesn’t really take that long to go around my house, but still–and flip the window blinds back the other way, the way everybody knows they’re supposed to go!  Thank you, cleaning ladies.  One day I spent 40 minutes looking for the small vacuum attachment, only to discover they had put it inside the Halloween pumpkin bucket at the top of the closet.  Thank you, cleaning ladies.  This last visit, I noticed one of our sofa cushions was zipper-side out; oh, and it still is. <sigh>  Thank you, cleaning ladies.  These are all small infractions, I know, and I should be thankful we actually have a cleaning service (we’ve kept for almost a year now–that’s gotta be a record!), but I suppose I am set in my ways of cleaning.  That and I always have this nagging guilt that I should be the super woman-mom that is able to do it all, balance it all — work, home, family, life.  I should be able to work full-time, cook healthy meals for my family, stay physically fit, oh, and keep a clean and orderly house, all without flipping out from the stress.  Right?  Right, that’s gonna happen.  But at least having the cleaning service does prevent that little bit of extra stress that could totally send me over the edge. So for that, I have to say, and Gerald probably has to say, seeing as his wife hasn’t gone completely crazy (at least not yet), “Thank you, cleaning ladies!”

Hmm… maybe I should have published my still-has-yet-to-be-written THE ACCIDENTAL PORN SURFER entry to spice things up a bit. Yeah, that got your attention, right?! Such a title, pretty much any title with the word “porn” in it, will pique the interest. And no perverted pun intended there. And if you don’t know what potential pun I’m referencing then don’t worry about it, you’re a much nicer person than I. But really, the “porn” story is simply about a misunderstanding, oh, and porn, but the accidental viewing of porn.  Well, now maybe I’m not leaving much to actually blog about for that one.  But no worries, I’m sure all will be exposed in due time.  Again, no perverted porn pun intended.  Now I’m wondering if I need to add something about being a pervert on my yet-to-be-crafted About Me page, all this talk about porn and perversion.  Okay now, where was I?  Obviously, I do need to include something about my tendency to ramble.  Hmm…

And then this looks like an appropriate moment to wrap up my second blog entry ever! Thanks bunches to whomever happens to still be reading!

And call out to SW — I think the comment filtering tool thingee may have mistaken your comment as SPAM. I saw some message about how it “already detected 1 SPAM comment.” ?? I still have lots to figure out regarding this thing called “blogging,” obviously, huh hum..


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