My embarrassing moments list

Unlike my recent My embarrassing bucket list blog entry, this entry is about embarrassing events that have happened to me in the past.  (And here’s hoping I will never have to re-experience them in the future!)

Not knowing what the little “occupied” slider handle was for in a plane restroom — Found out real quick when a handful of Japanese business men opened the door on my 12 year old self sitting on the tiny little toilet seat in the tiny little bathroom.  They laughed hysterically and I just wanted to disappear (but not really down that tiny little hole).  I was so humiliated, I didn’t tell anyone about this incident for years.  I still don’t like to talk about it.  At least now I know how the whole vacant/occupied lock thing works (or I’d never make it at Buc-cees!).

Undies on display on university campus — It was the early nineties, and I was wearing one of those babydoll skort dresses (yeah, I know, right?), and thankfully I was wearing tights (and, unlike certain young women celebrities of today, underwear), but I don’t know how far I had gone, or how many students/faculty I had flashed, before a girl ran up to me to tell me that I was (underwear) mooning the whole campus (because she said she would want someone to tell her.  Darn straight!).  The motion of me hiking up my backpack over my shoulder had caused my wide and breezy skort shorts to be hiked up as well, exposing the entire right side of my backside.  I remember my outfit was a deep purple color.  I’m pretty sure my face matched the purple as I pulled my skort short leg back over my rear.

Kind of like this dress-looking thing, only solid purple (and black tights). Note this is not me; it’s a picture I found on a “babydoll skort dress” Google search.

I’m a big proponent of a list having at least three items, but I cannot think of another embarrassing moment (about me, that I’m willing to share).  I even asked Gerald if he could think of something for me or even for him.  We came up with nada (publishable) and I discovered my husband doesn’t embarrass easily.  I mean, at all.  He may get embarrassed for the other person, but oh no, he’s not phased at all.  What does this mean, I wonder?  I’ll have to explore that in a separate blog entry.

Anyway, here’s to embarrassment-free days for all my gazillions of blog readers (right??).  And feel free to share your totally embarrassing moment with the world, or at least with my gazillions of blog readers (right??), in the Comments.


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  1. Ha!! Too funny Karen. Oh and since you asked, when Mallory got her braces I was constantly asking her if she had brushed her teeth. One afternoon at work I sent a text to my boss (by tragic mistake) asking him if he had “brushed his teeth today”. He was sitting in his office but texted me anyway with his reply of “why yes, yes I did”. We laughed pretty hard about that one!

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