Merry Christmas from Crankoutloud!


And… Christmas Day has arrived.

Last night consisted of our family of four’s Christmas Eve tradition of attending a candlelight Christmas Eve service (it was a beautiful service), eating at a favorite local Mexican restaurant (it was sooo good), and cruising around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights (we always know it’s time to head home when the boys start squabbling). I believe we have added a new piece to our Christmas Eve tradition – some lively karaoke. The boys got to go first with the popular music of the moment (ugh). Gerald and I were next, popping in the country music discs (much better). I’m sure the boys thoroughly enjoyed our “versions” of Trisha Yearwood’s Walkaway Joe and Shania Twain’s Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under.

I felt obligated to bake/cook SOMETHING yesterday, so I threw some store bought chocolate cookie dough on a baking sheet and into the oven. It didn’t make too many cookies though. At least that’s what I’ll keep telling myself as to why they ALL disappeared last night. Huh hmm…

Of course, it was a late night, I believe it was midnight when we finally retired. And then of course, it was an early morning. My youngest was up at about 6:30 this morning. That’s just harsh. We made him wait for a little while longer. So at about 6:45, Gerald and I were up to watch the boys tear into their gifts. Then about 7:15, I went back to bed. Hey, it’s my Christmas too!

Okay, so to make my long rambling Christmas ramblings short — Merry Christmas, everyone! Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!


P.S. Please do share your family’s Christmas tradition(s) in the comments. I love hearing about different traditions, no matter how big, small, or silly.

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Crankoutloud!”

  1. We have a tradition of a Christmas party at my mom’s house on Christmas Eve, then breakfast at my house while we watch everyone open presents (actually, by the time people arrive, the kids show them what they’ve unwrapped), and then dinner at my in laws.

    This year has been completely different. My mom fell at Thanksgiving, and is now in a neck brace, and couldn’t host the regular party. My niece was just married and wanted to host my husband’s family at her house, only she couldn’t fit everyone over there so about a third of us weren’t invited. Then the day after Christmas we had everyone over at our house.

    Somehow, even though our tradition went kabloey, the world didn’t cave in and everything was beautiful. Not the same, but still beautiful.

    Happy holidays to your family!

    1. Flexibility is often key, yes. 🙂 Glad everything turned out nice and here’s to a speedy recovery for your mom. Happy holidays to you too!

    1. IHOP is opened on Christmas? I was surprised to see that Whataburger was actually closed on Christmas Day when we drove by, headed to the in-laws. I think they used to stay open. Nice tradition. I wonder how many others share in that same tradition. Was IHOP crowded? 🙂

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