Man vs. dog

For simplicity’s sake, I’ve made this a “day” timeline, but I believe a six month to a year timeline would be more accurate. Damn dog.

Day 1 — Man notices dog has been getting on the (forbidden) furniture when no one is home. Dog: 1  Man: 0

Day 2 — Man covers furniture with whatever can be found (e.g., little chairs, stepping stool, books). Dog stays off furniture. Dog: 1 Man: 1

Day 3 — Man notices dog moved little chairs, stepping stool, books out of the way and was back on furniture when no one was home. Dog: 2  Man: 1

Day 4 — Man puts protective blanket over part of furniture and covers the rest with chairs, stepping stool, books.  Dog stays confined to spot on furniture. Dog: 2  Man: 2

Day 5 — Man notices dog has pulled protective blanket off and was back on the furniture when no one was home. Dog: 3  Man: 2

Day 6 — Man attempts to secure blanket with industrial strength Velcro. Dog pulls the secured protective blanket off and was back on the furniture when no one was home. Dog: 4  Man: 2

Day 7 — Man buys “keep off” spray at the pet store and sprays a towel (because there ain’t no way I’m letting him spray that stuff directly on the sofa!) and lays the towel on dog’s spot on the sofa. That will do it. That will keep her away. Dog moves sprayed towel and was back on the furniture when no one was home. Dog: 5  Man: 2

Day 8 — Man secures protective blanket with equipment from the weight room. That should do it, there’s no way she’s moving that thing now, but hopefully she won’t impale herself on the pointy part of the weight equipment that is now on the sofa. Dog does NOT move any of that, but there is evidence of dog on another once-covered-with-a-little-chair spot on the sofa when no one was home. Dog: 6  Man: 2

Day 9 — Man keeps secured protective blanket in place but the rest of the family piles high the other areas of the sofa. Cannot tell for sure if dog had been on any part of the furniture when no one was home. Dog: 6  Man: 2

Day 10 — Man brings home a kennel/crate (nice words for cage). Dog: 0  Man: 1

The end.

Find Bama
Can you spot the dog in this picture? Smile for the camera, Bama, you’re on candid camera!



8 thoughts on “Man vs. dog”

    1. Never! I refuse to give in! 🙂

      We actually gave the dog an inch (let her have a small section of the sofa), but if that dang dog didn’t go for the mile (and tried total couch takeover). Thus the ensued battle between man and dog.

    1. Maybe the spray is not well known since it doesn’t seem to work. 🙂 Some friends suggested we just let her get on the furniture at will. No can do. It’s called dog hair and dog smell. And my sofa material would absorb both nicely.

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