Let me repeat myself: drugs are bad

Good news! It’s rerun Thursday! Maybe that’s my “thing.” Other bloggers have a “thing,” maybe “rerun Thursday” can be my thing. It’s probably not that great of a “thing” though.

With my current workload and the craziness at home, I haven’t had a chance to “post” prepare. Hey, that (post prepare) sounds pretty catchy. Okay, okay, it’s late while I’m typing this and I’m (obviously) tired (and close to losing it).

I think I picked a good rerun. I get lots and lots of random internet search hits for this post. I’m guessing it’s because it’s all about the drugs.

So… without any more of my rambling further ado… Crankoutloud presents Why I’m glad my husband isn’t a drug dealer, originally published August 31, 2014.  (probably new to most of you!)


This past spring, Gerald and I had a “Breaking Bad” (Br Ba) watching marathon. As other Br Ba fans know, once this show gets its claws into you, there’s just no turning back. If you haven’t watched this series yet (yet because it’s simply a requirement and one day you shall, oh you shall), don’t worry, I will not give any plotline or stories away. I can’t stand to know anything about a show, movie, or book before I start watching/reading. And I have to start watching/reading from the very beginning or it’s just over! So I don’t want to be responsible for rocking any of my blog readers’ worlds in regards to any Br Ba spoilers.

That being said, after watching 47 hours and 32 minutes of “Breaking Bad” together, I learned why I would not want Gerald to get involved with drugs and/or drug dealing/trafficking. Okay, first you have your obvious reasons; I’m pretty sure I don’t need to go into these — it’s illegal, it’s dangerous, he’d always be gone, yada, yada, yada, etc. etc. etc. No, I’m talking about how Gerald was so quick to want rid of any character who posed even the slightest threat to the drug operation. And when I say, “rid,” I’m talking about death. And when I say “death,” death on this show is… oh sorry, I don’t want to say too much here. I’ll just say death on Br Ba is usually not very nice.

Can you see where this is headed? Ya see, I realized if Gerald were to become involved in the wild game of illegal drug distribution, he would end up killing everybody! At some point, any involved person may become a potential threat to the drug empire, someone may talk. And you just know I would be the first to go — “Oh the wife is nagging about me too much to her family and friends, it’s just a matter of time before she spills the beans about my whole meth making gig.” I mean, can you just see it?

I told Gerald there would be no one left if he was in charge (of the show or of a real drug operation). I argued there has to be a supporting cast (on the show and in a real drug operation), even if there’s a chance of someone blowing the lid off the whole deal. Hello?? You can’t manage a massive drug empire solo!

I don’t know if Gerald took my points to heart, but here’s hoping he doesn’t become a bad-ass drug dealer so I never have to find out. Hmm… maybe I should be a little less naggy (just in case).


12 thoughts on “Let me repeat myself: drugs are bad”

  1. Don’t worry–I’m pretty sure the first people he’ll take out will be the customers. This is the tragic mistake drug dealers always make. If anybody’s gonna talk it’s the tweaker who’ll sing like a canary as soon as the cops show him a candy bar. The buyers stand between the dealer and the money. Someday a dealer’s going to figure out the key to success and security is to cut out the middleman. Or rather to cut the middleman into little pieces and empty his pockets. Hey, it worked for Sweeney Todd.

    And “post prepare” is a phrase I’m now going to use all the time for when I forget to prepare and then have to go back and redo everything even when it’s too late. I’m not cleaning up my mistakes. I’m post preparing.

    1. I must’ve been so tired last night that I didn’t even see “post preparing” in the context you describe.

      And…you sound like someone with a lot of experience. Hmmmm.. I’ll be sure never to tick you off. 🙂

  2. You’re lucky with Gerald I reckon, if Anthony were to become a drug dealer, he would be selling the absolute minimum amount of drugs for the absolute maximum price. And woe betide if I spilled any over the side of the scales. Armageddon would ensue and I’d be the first fatality in his operation.

    Thankfully, he’s a teacher instead and so it’s only 9 & 10 year olds that have to worry about his wrath.

  3. It would make sense to knock off the competitors first, right? So once they’re all gone you might want to be on heightened alert…especially if he were to use his own product because you know they get all paranoid and suspicious of everyone around them. Or so I’ve heard…

    Post prepare sounds so much better to me than scheduling!

    1. Hopefully I’m safe but if y’all don’t hear from me for awhile…

      And I feel like maybe I started a cool new blogging phrase with my post preparing. Haha. Yeah I’m such a nerd. 🙂

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