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kroger          Vs.          kroger

An ongoing battle of sorts at our house is which of the two Kroger stores close to us is the better grocery store. One would think that a Kroger is a Kroger is a Kroger, but one would be wrong. The Kroger west of our house (considered my Kroger) has items that the Kroger east of our house (what we call Gerald’s Kroger) does not carry, and vice versa. Not only are their product offerings different, but both stores are also laid out differently. For example, the produce section is immediately on your right if you walk into the “west” Kroger and the “east” store has their produce on the left.

So if you frequent one store more often than the other, you get used to the way that store is set up. I do most of the grocery shopping because who else is gonna do it?? of course you know I live to serve my family. But anyway, when I’m making out a grocery list, I attempt to keep it in the same order as if you are walking the store. For example, since my Kroger has the specialty section at the front of the store, I’ll put my gluten free waffles at the beginning of the list and write the rest of my list by mentally going up and down each aisle. If, for whatever reason, Gerald ends up being sentenced the one sent to do the weekly Kroger trip, he has learned he’s probably better off going to my Kroger. If he does go to his Kroger using my list, he’s there for what feels like an eternity (because he ends up having to go all over the store).

Okay, Gerald, let’s take the gloves off and we’ll do a true side by side comparison (all according to me, of course) of the two Krogers and see which one fairs best. And may my the best Kroger win!

My Kroger (west of us) —
1) The left turn into my Kroger parking lot isn’t as daunting as the left turn into Gerald’s Kroger. Although I still try to avoid my Kroger on certain days at certain times.
2) Gluten free and specialty item selections are more plentiful and easier to locate.
3) The layout is better (i.e., it’s what I’m used to).
4) Has personalized service at the deli counter. It may take forever and a day to get your deli cold cuts, Gerald, but by golly you’ll get them as ordered (weight, slice thickness, etc.).

Gerald’s Kroger (east of us) —
1) Admittedly easier to utilize if you need to grab something after work as it is on the direct path to home.
2) Has the big bag of dog food (while, for whatever reason, my Kroger only carries the small sized bag).
3) (sometimes!) Has the (gluten free) Redbridge beer. I have never seen the Redbridge at my Kroger which is kind of strange considering all the other GF choices.
4) Has the self-serve deli order option, where you can place your order and then go do the rest of your shopping and come back and pick up your order. Although when you’ve tried this option, Gerald, they either: a) didn’t see it or didn’t have it ready; or b) sliced it all wrong (which is easy to do because you are so damn picky).

Okay, clearly my Kroger wins. Why? Because my #3 (I’m used to the layout at my Kroger) is the heaviest scoring factor, that’s why. Oh, I didn’t mention the scoring weight for each category? What? Does the scoring seem unfair, Gerald? Well, maybe you should go back and read The double standard.


12 thoughts on “Kroger vs. Kroger”

  1. I confess. I have a grocery list template in Excel – laid out in the order of my “Kroger’s floor plan. Am I OCD or does the rest of the world just not get it? (p.s. – good thing I only have one Kroger).

  2. In our town there’s one particular Kroger that goes by the nickname “Dirty Kroger”. All you have to do is say the word Dirty Kroger out loud and people know what you’re talking about. Supposedly that store is getting a multimillion dollar renovation but it’s too late now. The name will be stuck forever.

    1. Hey, I think I’ve been to that Kroger! Haha. Yeah, I doubt customers would start calling it Clean Kroger. Once a name sticks…

  3. Do either of your Krogers take the items out of the basket for you or do you have to put your items on the conveyer belt? That is one of the many reasons I like MY Kroger. Joe prefers HEB.

    1. Both Krogers are do it yourself when it comes to the conveyor belt. If we had a gigantor HEB close to us, I’d probably do most of the shopping there.

  4. You win because it is your blog. You were very nice to itemize the ‘pros’ of Gerald’s store, but they were completely unnecessary because you had me at VS.
    We have Loblaws here. We call one the Mini Blah’s and the other the Big Blah’s. I think that sums it up.

  5. Layout is a huge consideration for shopping to me. I’ve bypassed slightly better unknown stores to go to my perfectly-fine-but-not-fancy market I know by heart. There’s nothing worse than adding half an hour to a shopping trip because you’re hopelessly lost. I have it all down to the nano-second.

    1. Totally agree with that! So much more efficient when I have my list (in the order of the store layout) and when I don’t stray from that list.

    1. Every now and then someone says “Why didn’t you go to MY Kroger?” so I’d have to say it’s an ongoing disagreement. 🙂

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