Just one toke?

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Driving to work on Friday morning, I heard an interesting song I’m positive I had never heard before. I had forgotten the particular station/channel I was on, but I started hearing something about sweet Jesus and the melody sounded gospel like and I was pretty sure I didn’t have it on Christian radio. I looked at the radio display and saw the title of the song was “One Toke Over the Line” by Brewer & Shipley. Ohh… I was tuned to the 70’s Sirius satellite channel. Okay, that explains that, I suppose. But I just had to learn more about this song and confirm the lyrics and their meaning. And off to Google I went!

Apparently, the song was released in 1971, with some stations refusing to play it because of its controversial lyrics. This could easily explain why I had never heard, or heard about, this song before. I was just barely born and it didn’t get much airtime. And until Friday, I had never even heard of Brewer & Shipley. Unless maybe they have special ties to beer brewing and/or donuts. But I doubt it. On second thought, maybe these guys have pretty close ties to alcohol and donuts. Donuts would probably make a pretty good stoner food, no? I know, it’s a stretch.

What really puts the cherry on top of this toking hot song is I also uncovered that a squeaky clean image duo sang “One Toke Over the Line” on the Lawrence Welk Show. Mr. Welk called it a “modern spiritual.” I suppose you could look at it this way, whether the LWS stars really understood the true meaning of the lyrics or not. And Tom Shipley, you know the one half of Brewer & Shipley, confirmed Lawrence’s sentiment when he said this about the song’s lyrics: “When we wrote ‘One Toke Over the Line,’ I think we were one toke over the line. I considered marijuana a sort of a sacrament…”

Straight from the stoner’s pot inhaling mouth comes the admission that marijuana is essentially a divine grace. Hmmm… I for one think the dudes should’ve just stuck to the part that they truly were one toke over the line.

Below are some YouTube videos I found. See if you can guess which one is from the Lawrence Welk Show.


10 thoughts on “Just one toke?”

    1. Confession time — I have never seen the Big Lebowsky in its entirety. I know, I’m so ashamed. I REALLY need to watch that movie, especially now. And I’m super surprised Google didn’t say a word about the song being in that movie. ?? And Wikipedia didn’t either. What is wrong with them?

  1. HA!!!!
    i remember this song from childhood and the lawrence welk show… sissy and bobby! man that was some lameness… but by god we watched it.

    personally i’m one who likes to take an occasional toke over the line!
    nice post maaaaaan!

    1. I used to watch the LWS with my mom on Saturday nights I think it was. And we’d watch Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Good times. Good times.

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