Just a hop, skip, and a bus ride

Fairy godmother
You get one wish, kid

My oldest is in his last months of middle school (silent “thank you, Jesus” prayer and silent “so help me God, he’s headed to high school soon” prayer), and the 8th grade dance is just a few weeks away. Okay, first off, 8th grade dance? Back in my day, we had no stinking dances in junior high! I’m looking at it this way–because I’m pretty much the pessimist Gerald claims me to be–not only do I have to prep for my child’s high school prom when the day comes, I’m also required to get my kiddo ready for a formal (yes, you read that right, formal) 8th grade dance?? Hmm… okay…

Let me provide some description and discussion of this 8th grade “dance” adventure (thus far) —

My son (right before bedtime): Do you have money?

Me: No.

He is asking for money to purchase a ticket. Mind you, I have to pull information out of this kid, he doesn’t give anything up willingly. He didn’t come home the day he heard about the dance and exclaim, “The 8th grade formal is coming up and I need to buy a ticket. May I go, Mummy? May I? And may I have money to purchase the ticket, please?”

Nope. He stays mute. I believe he is working it all out in his head and thinks things will magically work out. What?? Why would I need to give my mom notice to shop for appropriate clothes!

Me: What are you supposed to wear? A suit? A tux?

My son: I dunno.

Now, the conversation regarding transportation options really got interesting.

My son: We’re going to rent a party bus.

Me: What?

My son: Or a limo.

Me: What?

My son: …

Me: I don’t think a group of 8th graders can (legally and from a reputable company) rent a party bus or limo. And why would you need either of these things?

My son: How else are we supposed to go to dinner?

Me: Dinner? Who said anything about dinner?

My son: Well, what are we supposed to do after the dance?

Me: Come home?

The school is literally around the corner from our house. My son said his group of friends is planning to meet at the school and then have the party bus take them to the dance. Umm… the dance is going to be at the Catholic church which happens to be smack dab next door to the school! Did I mention this is all around the corner from our house??

It will be interesting to see how this whole shindig pans out. My son does not own a suit, and I don’t see “tuxedo” wear being the norm here. No ticket has been purchased. No date has been secured (as far as I know, because obviously my son tells me very little). Actually, there was a whole separate disastrous “date” argument discussion. Pick up/drop off times (because, no, you’re not taking a party bus!)? Possible carpooling and/or sleepover plans with friends?

Do you see? None of these details have been planned out. But who knows? Maybe I’m as stupid as my son claims. Maybe some 8th grade dance fairy godmother will drop out of the sky and provide everything he needs for his special occasion, right down to the effin party bus.



17 thoughts on “Just a hop, skip, and a bus ride”

  1. Wow, oh WOW! Sorry for your ain, but glad this gives me a heads up a few years ahead of time for me to be prepared! I want to know how this turns out!!

    1. I’m pretty sure I’ll have more blogging material as the dance date approaches (which reminds me I still am unsure of actual date/time) and plenty of material POST dance as well. 🙂

  2. Hilarious. I remember those days. A limo for an 8th grade event is pretty funny, especially since they have a walk from school to the venue! I remember never knowing about any middle school events because my kids never told me anything. I had to go through backpacks to find permission slips, information sheets, grades, everything. High school? Forget it.

    1. Yep, we are totally kept in the dark. Oh and my favorite is when he mentions some major event just the night before.

  3. They really do think that it all will magically happen just wait till you get to prom at least you have all boys so it will be easier sorta….

    1. It’s just funny (but not really) how it’s the moms who get stressed out even though it’s not our event! I realize that we have GOT to seriously look into clothes. And then there’s still a brouhaha over if he is bringing a date or not. He can’t go stag! That would be unheard of ya know. (On a side note, I had to tell him what ‘stag’ meant during the whole ‘date’ discussion)

  4. My boys didn’t even want to go to the 8th grade dance…but limo/ party bus? Bwahahaha….So, for prom a 20 person limo was about $1600 3 years ago. Sleepover? Because they’re to tired to drive? Didn’t he say they are going out to McDonald’s after the dance? That’s just crazy. I would have totally laughed at him.

    1. Well since he has yet to buy his ticket, maybe his mom’s wish will come true. I’m so bad! And I think dinner would be a little fancier than McDonald’s. Let’s hope the dinner venue won’t be a whole nother battle.

  5. that conversation so reminds me of Hannah’s freshman year when they started talking about homecoming! So, freshman year homecoming was about 20 kids in a stretch hummer limo, dinner before the dance at the hibachi grill, and dance at the school cafeteria, then the girls (I think about 11 of them) sleep over. Sophomore year, yes, another limo, smaller though, because it was a group of 10. Dinner and Only a few minutes at the dance, then to hang out with friends after the few minutes at the dance. Junior year, party bus, dinner and no dance, just straight to the “after” party. I’m scared for next year… We have another homecoming and the dreaded prom. Have a feeling a helicopter will be the in thing for prom!

    1. When did this start happening like this? I guess I’ve lived a sheltered existence (hmm… until now). I’m starting to see lots and lots of dollar signs, but they’re flying the wrong way — out of my pocket! Dang!

      1. I don’t really know when this happened. I know it didn’t happen 25 years ago when we were in school! I didn’t have a limo for prom… Or even for my wedding!

        1. It’s like now all that stuff has become the norm and the kids seem to feel entitled to such royal treatment. But then you don’t want to be the parent who ends up making your kid feel out of place so you don’t want to say No. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  6. You are too funny! I went through this with my kids, too. It wasn’t so bad with the boys, but the girls—-holy moses, they wanted their hair and nails done, pedicures….the works. When I graduated from middle school, all we did was hang out at someone’s house and eat our weight in Fritos and Cheetos.

    1. I am discovering that it probably is easier with a boy. I can’t imagine having to tack on hair, nails, etc. And shoot, I’ll take the Fritos and Cheetos over all this silliness any day!

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