It’s rerun time OR What happens when you give yourself 15 minutes to write a new post

So here’s the skinny, and I blame Gluten Dude (but I’m not saying he isn’t awesome, because he is!)! I came across Gluten Dude’s website a couple weeks ago and saw his post about Whole30 and then I found the site nom nom paleo.  So of course I had to buy the related books. And of course I had to grocery shop for everything “Paleo.” And of course I had to start cooking every recipe I could get my hands on. I’ve been a tad preoccupied, self induced, as always.

So here it is, late Monday night and no post ready to go. Surprise. Surprise. Surprise. I’ll try to get a fresh post up at least by next week. In the mean time, may I interest you in a “fall” post from last year? Pretty sure it will be new to all most of you.  🙂

apple tree

So LOFT just sent me this invaluable “What to wear apple picking” email.  Damn, there goes my idea of jeans and a simple t-shirt or old sweatshirt on Gerald’s and my special apple picking date.  Who knew there was special attire for apple picking?!?  I am always so out of the fashion loop!  Apparently, a (stylish) cozy sweater is required. I’ll have to tell Gerald we can’t go on our yearly apple orchard excursion–because you know apple picking is foremost on his mind this time of year–until I get some proper new clothes for the occasion.

I’m thinking if there is a special wardrobe for apple picking, then other “occasions” should get their fair shake, right?  For instance, what’s the fashion du jour for pumpkin patches?  Now can I go with simple jeans / t-shirt??  Hayrides?  Camp taught me it’s good to avoid shorts.  Attire for blueberry picking?  Probably want to avoid wearing white.  Vineyards?  No clue.  Renaissance Festival?  I found out last year it’s NOT fashionable to wear a turkey hat after too much wine.  Oh, I got one — Hospital volunteer work – I hear total head-to-toe and covered face wear is all the rage!

I’m pretty sure I could be the poster child of what NOT to wear on specific outings/days, especially after my recent work dress up fiasco.  It looks like I have LOTS of shopping to do.  Hey, Gerald, where’s that new credit card??




20 thoughts on “It’s rerun time OR What happens when you give yourself 15 minutes to write a new post”

  1. A sweater for apple picking–or for that matter any fruit harvesting–sounds like a really bad idea. Maybe it would be fine for pumpkin picking, but if you’re picking anything from a tree or an upright plant the branches are going to get stuck in your sweater and pull it apart. Then you’ll have holes in your sweater.

    Also the ideal outfit for blackberry picking is chain mail. It’s heavy and uncomfortable but it beats having your hands bloodied by the stickers.

  2. I had no idea a special outfit was necessary for this either. Still, I suppose if that’s how it is, you’d better get one of those sweaters. You don’t want to offend any apples.

    1. I dunno, Christopher pointed out that a sweater probably isn’t the best choice for apple picking. Something about branches and holes. I could wear an old junky sweater but I suppose that beats the whole purpose of the LOFT ad. Ha on you, LOFT. 🙂

  3. Oh I’m totally on board the paleo train! I have tons of books and though I love nomnom and own their book, if you are only going to ever get 2 paleo books, you should get both Well Fed-s, because no matter how many I have, I always end up using those. 🙂
    (I had to give up on the “faileo” baking though, because that stuff is so good I ended up eating *more* calories instead of less, and spending all my money on obscure flours on Amazon :p)

    1. I actually have the two Well Fed books on my wish list. I was thinking maybe to ask for those for Christmas (from my mom), but with such a glowing recommendation from you, I don’t know if I want to wait that long! And I can always ask for other “paleo” kitchen staples I need, like a SMALL cast iron skillet (I have a bigger one). 🙂

      1. Ooh now I’m feeling all responsible! Let’s see, the reason I like them so much is (aside from the delicious dishes, but they all have that) that at the end of every recipe, she has a “goes well with” section that cross references other recipes in the book, thus granting you whole meals (that you can mix and match) as opposed to just the one dish. I often find myself in the situation of having a great dish, but then scratching my head what would go with it, so… if that’s something you relate to, definitely get them! 😉

        1. Goes with? As in ‘sides’? Shoot, it’s a miracle for me to fix the main dish, I rarely do sides. Now I may be inclined to open a can of something for Gerald but I usually don’t go beyond that effort. 🙂

          1. Ooh, have we stumbled upon another cultural difference thing? You know how excited I get about those 😀 Traditional meal in (western?) Europe = meat + veg + potatoes (ALWAYS potatoes, which primal/paleo is teaching me to stray from, and have been told by people of African descent is pretty weird – but then again they have rice with everything so :p). So one “dish” would be… just meat with nothing? Or am I missing something? 🙂

          2. Well since Gerald is from Scottish / Irish descent, he would prefer meat and potatoes at every meal. He can take/leave vegetables. But since I’m the one who has to fix EVERYTHING, often times I don’t want to take the effort to figure out (and then fix) a side dish. Gosh, Trillie, I’m starting to feel a little guilty that I’ve been depriving my family of sides. Do chips/crisps count as a side dish? 🙂 And then I suppose the traditional American meal is meat+veg+bread/starch, but as mentioned, for me it’s a big deal just to do the meat. Maybe I’ll get a little more inspired if I get the Well Fed books. But then again, if the food looks weird to my boys (and this includes Gerald), they won’t eat it. And by weird, I mean anything green or orange or red or…

          3. I definitely didn’t want to make you feel guilty! I was just curious! And I feel the pain of having to fix everything; boyfriend is fine just having takeout EVERY day, so if I want us to eat remotely healthy, it comes down to me. But as you probably read, I don’t work as many hours now, so I’m mostly fine with that. Definitely lots of inspiration in the Well Fed books, too, but maybe wait to get them until Christmas… the holidays are stressful enough as it is 🙂

    1. Apple Picking Barbie… I’ll have to Google that. But maybe not at work. No telling what kinds of things would appear. I haven’t declared myself Accidental Porn Surfer for nothing.

  4. I would need to know what you would be wearing for footwear before I could make an educated decision as to what is appropriate to wear for apple picking….I just made myself laugh. I live in my scrub pants and a hoodie with bleach stains all over it. I can’t be trusted with these kinds of decisions.

    1. When my boys (11 and 14) dole out fashion advice to me, I know I’ve let things get really bad. I finally did a little new clothes shopping over the weekend. Not sure if I bought anything appropriate for apple picking though. And I realized I’m in desperate need of some new shoes (speaking of shoes).

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