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Well, dear friends, the time has come. I’ve really been needing to work on my About Me page. It has been sorely lacking. I mean, how pathetic that it has simply directed a reader straight back to my first blog entry ever. My readers deserve better than this, right? Right.

I’m not sure why I’ve been putting off editing my About Me page. I mean, I am pretty self-absorbed, and I love talking all things about me. I’m not exactly sure why I’ve been avoiding what you would think I would consider a fun task.

I suppose I want my About Me page to stand out from all the other About Me pages out there in the blogosphere. The pressure to be different is enormous, and then this page will be more of a “permanent” fixture on my blog site so it’s gotta be material that applies for the long haul. Here’s a good analogy: Gerald and I have been toying with the idea of a kitchen remodel/renovation and the question of countertop material has come up more than once during these discussions. I want zero maintenance counters. Just like we have zero maintenance landscaping and I have zero indoor plants because if I had indoor plants then this means I’d have to actually water them or something to keep them alive and that would probably explain why all my previous attempts at keeping indoor plants have failed. But I digress. I’ve had several people tell me there are granite sealers out there that will last for like a whole ten years! Nope. Ten years is great and all, but I can already tell you that Gerald and I would NEVER get around to doing the resealing. Seriously, NEVER. Again, I’ll say it, it’s got to be zero maintenance. Oh, so where was I? My About Me page needs to be able to stand the test of time in the knowledge that it will surely sit there untouched pretty much forever. It would have to be some serious life altering event, and, even then, it would still probably be another couple years after that before I could be bothered to edit the page.

And then, what if my About Me page is totally boring? A few years ago, I started communicating with a friend I hadn’t seen in years. I started typing up this email with the intention of catching her up on my life for the last like 20+ years (or however many years it had actually been). How embarrassing when I realized I can sum up the major events in my life in three sentences. Probably two sentences would have done it, but I didn’t want to look like a total loser.

So… after giving myself the sole assignment of working on my About Me page, I forced myself to complete it and it’s out there now. So, yes, go see, go see!


6 thoughts on “It’s all about me”

    1. Quartz is definitely one of the options. There are all kinds of choices now. There’s recycled glass but I’d be afraid it would look too commercial. Can’t wait to see your new countertops!

  1. I know just what you mean. I’ve been putting off doing a Features page and sprucing up my About Me page. Gah. I’ve been looking at a bunch of them trying to figure out what I want to incorporate, but then I always get distracted and end up doing BuzzFeed quizzes because easier. 😉

    1. At least you have your shit together better than I do. 🙂 I’m still grasping the A, B, C’s of blogging. (I just recently heard the word ‘BuzzFeed’.) Love your blog, Linda!

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