Is it Asshole Friday yet?


Ever since one of my co-workers declared a Friday to be Asshole Friday, the term has been stuck in my head, and then I started thinking what I could do with the other days of the week.

Let’s see… Sunday and Monday are easy. Like The Bangles say it, it’s Funday Sunday and Manic Monday. Although I don’t know if Sunday is really my funday (grocery shopping and having to be in the kitchen all afternoon and evening preparing said groceries are not what I consider fun). Saturday is probably more my funday (sleeping in and pretty much doing everything else at a snail’s pace). But then that wouldn’t go with the song’s lyrics so we’ll stick with Funday Sunday.

Pretty sure nobody can argue with the whole Manic Monday thing. It just goes without saying that Monday could be completely erased from the week, and it would not be missed. Sayonara, Monday!

I got a little stuck on Tuesday, but then it came to me when I thought about the whole feel of Tuesday. And that’s why I am declaring Tuesday, Oh Shit Tuesday. We already know Monday is manic, so Tuesday is when you wake up in the morning and go, “Oh shit, it’s only Tuesday!”

Wednesday… well, duh, it’s Hump Day! I’ve seen those camel commercials. What are those commercials for anyway? Does anybody know? But anyway, yeah, if it’s Wednesday, you know you’re at that halfway point, you just might make it to the weekend, and maybe you can even make out a faint light at the end of the workweek tunnel.

I got a little stuck on Thursday too, but I think I came up with a good one. Wait for it… Son-Of-A-Bitch Thursday! See, I’m thinking when you wake up on Thursday morning, just for a split second you wonder, “Is this Friday?” Son of a bitch, it’s only Thursday!

I already sorta kinda covered Friday, that’s how this whole (pointless) exercise got started in the first place, remember? I don’t recall exactly how it ended up being Asshole Friday, but I’m pretty sure if the same conversation, meeting, discussion, whatever, along with the same funny as hell group of people, had taken place on a Monday, it would have just as easily been declared Asshole Monday, and if on Tuesday, it would have been Asshole Tuesday, and so on and so forth. But it’s best it stick with Friday. How else could I come up with the excuse to use a modified “TGIF” closing on all my Friday correspondence?? —

TGIAF! Have a great weekend!

And then there’s Saturday. I suppose since I’m the one coming up with all these “day” descriptions, all on my own (I know, so impressive), I’ll just use a name that describes my Saturdays. And that would have to be “lazy,” Lazy Saturday. As mentioned above when discussing Sunday, Saturday is meant for all things easy and slow-moving, at least in my household it is.

A quick recap (for those of you who may be taking notes) —

The Days of the Week by Crankoutloud:
Funday Sunday
Manic Monday
Oh Shit Tuesday
Hump Day Wednesday
Son-Of-A-Bitch Thursday
Asshole Friday


6 thoughts on “Is it Asshole Friday yet?”

  1. Sadly for me Saturday is “run around and watch your kids play sports Saturday”. Maybe Sports Saturday for short. Looking forward to those Saturdays coming to an end…

    1. Our kids aren’t really that much into sports. This could be considered good or bad. Gerald would like the boys to show a little more interest but then on the other hand, we don’t have a bunch of sports activities to keep up with.

    1. Son of a bitch, it’s only Thursday, isn’t it?. I’ll still take all the assholes over sob Thursday. That doesn’t sound very good…

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