I had a moment

We, Gerald, the kids and I, took a three hour trip to do the whole Christmas thing with my side of the family. It’s been our tradition since my parents and sister and I became sort of scattered throughout the great state of Texas to all meet up the weekend before Christmas. Gerald convinced me we should just get a hotel room to stay the night instead of making the three hour trek back home that evening. It would be dark and we’d rather not drive in the night hours in unfamiliar terrain.

A lovely afternoon was had. We grazed on all the wonderful food, the kids each read a part of the Christmas story, and everyone got to tear into the presents. My boys got into their usual throwdowns and name calling, but all survived, the worst damage being one red ear (but no blood!).

Then it was time for my family of four to make way to the hotel. I convinced myself that we would have a good time, that it could make for some quality family time. So let me set the scene – One hotel room (someone tell me why I didn’t think to do adjoining rooms), two queen-sized beds (I’m sure the boys were thrilled to have to sleep with their wild sleeper sibling), and one bathroom (I have to share??).

Then there was the whole “Should we go do something? Maybe walk to one of the nearby restaurants for food (and alcohol for the adults)?” question lingering in the air. No one was really hungry after all the food we ate that day, and Gerald had already made a quick trip to the liquor store for emergency supplies for the two of us. But, in typical fashion of my little family, we never made a decision and just ended up watching a movie on the complimentary hotel HBO channel. I had never seen “Diversion” before. It’s actually a pretty good movie. So after the movie, my oldest started asking about food. Gerald took him to get some fast food. I went ahead and heated up a little pizza I had brought with me, and my youngest insisted he didn’t want anything. Considering he probably had eaten every possible dessert known to man earlier in the day, I was okay with his decision.

Of course, let’s not talk about how my youngest totally changed his tune when my oldest walks in with a McDonald’s milkshake. <sigh> Some grief ensued over the whole shake thing, with my youngest feeling the need to eat more Twizzlers, and candy and the adults were inclined to partake in a few more beers. Did I mention we were trapped in a small hotel room with our children??

But I had a moment. No, I’m not talking about a crazy female moment (I do have plenty of those, and I’m sure Gerald will vouch for that). I had this moment where I liked being trapped in this little room with my multiple personality and often headbutting family. I know, what was happening? I did wonder for a second if it was the beer. But I didn’t drink that much. No, it was a genuine “this is nice” thought that popped in my head. I’m not saying it lasted long, but it did happen.


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