I can be fun

It’s true, kids. Really, your mom can be fun. Take the April Fool’s pranks I planned all out just for you. I can’t take credit for coming up with the ideas, I saw them on Facebook, but I should be given credit for actually putting in a little forethought and effort. I even made a purposeful trip to the craft store to get the right supplies. Gerald was especially impressed that I didn’t stray from my shopping list AT ALL. I’m actually pretty surprised by that myself.

Oh but anyway, where was I? Oh, back to fun and how I can actually be fun (yes, sometimes!).

Prank #1 — The fridge is always watching, always watching…
Picture it, you open the refrigerator and you have all these eyes staring right back at you. Googly eyes, lots of googly eyes. The execution was a little messier than I thought. I used regular Elmer’s glue to adhere the eyes to whatever items were in the fridge and I ended up getting it on my fingers and some eyes dropped and got a little glue on the refrigerator shelves. And who knew that some of the eyes would start sliding down the condensed side of the milk carton? Anyhoo, my youngest was the first person to open the fridge on April 1st. He stood there for a while just taking it all in. Then he laughed. Then he thought his mom was wacko. Little did he know that his snack bar would be staring out at him come lunch time. I googly eyed his Kind bar too.

They're watching you...
They’re watching you…

Prank #2 — Brown E’s, not to be confused with brownies.
Got Gerald first. I told him I made brownies and he was actually annoyed because we’re trying to eat a little healthier around here. And I go baking some temptation like that? He goes to look at the “brownies,” and is met with the brown E’s. What? Haven’t you ever seen a brown E before, Gerald? My oldest was next. Now he thinks his mom is wacko. Before the jig was up with Gerald and my oldest, my youngest had told me he wanted me to pack a brownie in his lunch. Gladly. But Gerald let the cat out of the bag before I could pull the lunch stunt off.

Cutting E's out of brown paper was harder than I thought it would be
Cutting E’s out of brown stock paper was harder than I thought it would be


The resulting Brown E's
The resulting Brown E’s

I admit, I rarely take part in pranks. I’m betting it’s because I do not like to be the victim and if I were to prank others often, I would surely become a victim myself. Yes, of course it’s funny when some silly prank falls upon some unbeknownst victim, but I draw the line at me being the prankee. Nope, if anyone knows what’s best for him/her, I will be asked to be one of the instigators or I will smile in glee at the poor targeted sap (who’s not me).

Actually, now I’m kind of nervous wondering what the boys may do to seek revenge on me for not making real brownies.


2 thoughts on “I can be fun”

  1. The Brown E one would have gotten me punched around here, but good one.

    I don’t do the prank thing at all, mostly because I fear the retaliatory nature of people around here.

    1. I’ve been waiting for backlash, but Gerald told the boys that once April 1st is past, they can’t get me. Who knew Gerald would be on my side for such things? Of course I guess he is one who is well aware of the consequences (of messing with me).

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