He’s not with me

For each of my kiddos, there are occasions where the thought of disownment is real, very real indeed.  Take for instance when our oldest was about three and still an only child.   We attended a Catholic christening service for our friends’ newborn.  The service ran longer than we anticipated, and anyone with a toddler knows that once you exhaust ways to entertain your child, you may be in for some embarrassing moments.  We made it through the service pretty much unscathed but while we milled around outside the church afterward, waiting to greet our friends, our son took off, burning off all that pent up energy I’m sure, and took the funniest looking dive right into some manicured bushes.  I was hoping no one noticed, but then I heard this couple near us laugh and kind of wonder aloud where this kid’s parents were.  Still being somewhat fresh to parenting a toddler, I’m sure I turned multiple shades of red and I had the urge to slink away and pretend I was not related to this out of control child in the bushes.

As for child number two, for the longest time he suffered from lots of respiratory gunk and sinus infections.  The poor kid pretty much had a constant stuffy nose and congestion.  He was maybe around three years old and I took him to the grocery store and put him in one of those I’m sure totally germ infested shopping carts with the kid car at the front.  <this was my second child, remember>  I went past the whole toddler tolerance threshold limit and my son about threw a gasket.  He started to fuss and get mad and then came the angry crying.  We made it to the checkout line, my son was still strapped in the car cart thing, and he started screaming, “Boogers!  I have boogers!” over and over again.  Oh well, sorry, kid.  There wasn’t much I could do at the moment so I continued to check out and he continued to scream.

I do think it’s funny the complete opposite reactions of first child vs. second child incidents.  If the grocery store thing had happened when we only had one child, I would have been in hysterics and probably left the store right then and there in a big panicked mess, screw the groceries.

But the disownment urge now is for bigger, well.. maybe it’s different, infractions.  As any parent discovers, you get through one phase of your child’s life, just to turn the corner to run right smack dab into another.  Toddlerhood troubles turned into daycare, school, and neighborhood troubles.  Currently, I’d say it’s mainly fights, name calling, bad language, and grade slips.  Oh and I dare not ask what’s going to be around the next corner.  I’ll let that be a surprise!


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    1. We’ve already experienced what I’m sure is just a small sampling of teenage angst, but oh yes, I’m sure there is much to look forward to. 🙂

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