Have you hugged your Hugvie today?

It’s a pile of Hugvies!

Browsing internet news the other day, I came across this article about a human shaped cellphone holder pillow. It’s called a Hugvie. What in the hell?? Just when I think I’ve seen it all. From Gina and her discovery of cupcake ponies, and now to pillows you can hug while talking on your phone (because you can’t just hug a regular pillow apparently). And the pillow has a skin-like texture? Ewww… Sounds a little too Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Silence of the Lambs to me, thank you. I mean, who are you fooling? Is your mind that simple that holding this pillow will make you feel like the person is really there? I suppose I shouldn’t judge, maybe I should give something similar a try. Okay, so the next time I’m talking to my long-distance parents, I’ll hug my pillow tight the whole time. We’ll see if I get that warm fuzzy feeling.

I’m figuring if the pillow hugging doesn’t work in regards to making me feel closer to whomever I’m speaking to on the phone, then I’ve got the perfect use for this pillow. The article says research supports a decrease in the levels of cortisol  when there is physical contact with a simple object, say a skin-like feeling pillow anyone? This decrease then helps to reduce stress. Science, okay, at least the plethora of weight-loss ads I’ve seen on TV, also suggests that reducing cortisol levels in the body can aid in losing weight. I figure if I hug this creepy pillow 24/7 (or probably just my own pillow from home because I’m betting the price for this human-shaped pillow is probably pretty steep and I’m pretty cheap), I’ll be sure to lose that extra five pounds I’ve been carrying around.

And if that doesn’t work out, I’ll just have to revert to getting me one of these bad boys:

ostrich pillow
Isn’t it obvious?? It’s an ostrich pillow!

If I can’t lose the weight by hugging a pillow everywhere I go, I may as well carry a pillow on my head and take a nap while I’m at it.


14 thoughts on “Have you hugged your Hugvie today?”

  1. That “Pillow on the Head” would come in handy for meetings at work – multitask – attend meeting take nap. On the other hand the Hugvie might be helpful if your stress theory holds true – When the stress goes up at a meeting – whip out the pillow and give it a big bug (or just start a pillow fight).

  2. It seems like a pillow that feels like human skin would increase, rather than decrease, stress. And I don’t want to hug, or touch, another person’s skin during a conversation. A quick hug or maybe handshake, whatever’s appropriate based on our relationship, then let’s retreat to our separate corners. Any conversation that would include the phrase “okay, you can let go now” is going to be stressful.

    The head pillow comes with its own set of problems. I can all too easily imagine falling asleep with one of those on and then waking up not knowing where I am or what this thing on my head is.

    1. I’ve never seen anyone use the ostrich pillow. I just can’t imagine. And yeah, maybe they should come up with one with a little alarm clock built into it. So not only would you wake up a little disoriented but you’d also have ringing in your ears. Awesome.

  3. First, thanks for the shout out! Second, the real skin idea immediately gave me the shivers. Because I’m thinking unless it has an internal heater, it will naturally be cool to the touch. Much like a dead body. And will you have to moisturize it to keep the skin soft and supple? Becaues that’s a deal killer right there. “No skin pillow– I will NOT be buying you Le Mer moisturizer. Dollar store lotion is good enough for you.”

    1. For the friend or loved one who literally has everything, get them a creepy skin like pillow! Or ostrich pillow or how about cupcake ponies?! How many people can say they own cupcake ponies? 🙂

  4. I’m with Christopher–why would you want to be in a constant embrace with someone during a conversation anyway? Or hug a slimy feeling, cold pillow without a face? Maybe it’s good for anonymous phone sex. Ewwww!

    But, more importantly, you only need to lose 5 pounds?! I will attempt to still like you, but I’m not gonna lie–it will be a challenge. 😉

    1. Trust me when I say I’m working on the number being over 5 now. It’s just I feel like that’s the perpetual number to lose. 🙂

  5. Off-topic, but can’t help it… what is it about those last few pounds? I’ve been trying for years to lose five measly pounds and you’d think I was trying to fly to the moon. Remember in our early twenties? All we had to do was skip carbs a few days and that weight would drop off instantly. Not fair. Maybe I’ll buy one of those cell phone pillows and cry into it…

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