Have guns and marijuana, will travel

If you are a gun-toting, marijuana-toking traveler, looks like things just got even more complicated for you.  There’s already so much to know regarding traveling with a handgun across state lines, and now you gotta brush up on state marijuana laws as well.

Okay, so you may have guessed that I’m probably not the best person to be doling out advice on toting and/or toking, but I found some helpful information and I thought I would share.  I like to think of this as my own little public service announcement.  You’re welcome.  Oh, and I am excluding air travel, for obvious reasons (read: too damn complicated).  And one more disclaimer to add before we get to my helpful tips – Gun laws change daily frequently, so be sure to check your destination(s) state’s latest regulations, preferably the very second before you cross the state border.

First and foremost, it’s probably not a good idea to be traveling with both your gun and your marijuana.  Pretty sure most states would frown upon that.  Best to plan for either one or the other.

taurus handgun

If you decide to tote, stay away from states that do not allow a firearm anywhere near your person/vehicle.  Now for those states that do allow you to carry, your best bet is to simply keep your unloaded gun in your locked trunk in a separate locked box or safe, where the key to this box is nowhere near your person or your vehicle.  In fact, leave the key at home, in a locked safe where there is zero chance of a criminal finding the key to get to the key to the gun safe, which is with you in another state, and zero chance of you even remembering where you put the key to get to the key.  Oh and be sure to leave all ammunition at home as well, but not in the same location as the key.


If you decide to toke–and you may as well, since, as described above, there’s no way in hell you’re getting to that gun you packed–here are some tips for you.  As of the writing of this blog post, only Colorado and Washington state have legalized the recreational use of marijuana.  In either of these states, don’t be a dumb ass and go eating a whole pan’s worth of pot brownies.  You may be able to get away with that with regular brownies, but doing so with the addition of weed could make you seriously sick.  DUDE!  And ya gotta smoke/eat/partake/drink/bong while you are in a state that allows it.  No traveling back over the state line with it and/or no trying to sell it to anyone before you hightail it back home.  (get it?  “high” tail?  yeah, I know, that totally tanked)

So there you go.  And please, if you have additional questions regarding traveling with your guns and/or marijuana, do not ask me.  I mean, do I sound like I even remotely know what I’m talking about?  Don’t be stupid; get your advice from the right source — the Internet.  You know, the same place where you can meet a handsome French model.  Bonjour.



10 thoughts on “Have guns and marijuana, will travel”

  1. Lets see… “Travel with Marijuana”, “Travel with Guns”… and then there was “I’m glad my husband is not a drug dealer”… you are becoming a person of interest with the DEA and DHS.

  2. So… What you’re saying is… Don’t smoke or carry guns? Can we call pot a policy issue or is it too soon?

    1. Really? You’re gonna ask me what I’m saying? I have no idea about this world of guns and marijuana. Best to get all your information from the internet.

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