Have a bath and a smile

My routine in the evening hours is to get my workout in–currently, I’m doing Beachbody’s Body Beast program, heaven help me–and then I treat myself to a relaxing bath with special/fun/interesting soap, either goat’s milk or maybe shea butter or some other “indulgent” type of soap.  It’s like a little treat I give myself after working out.  I figure it’s better than lounging on the sofa with a beer and chips and/or chocolate like I want to do.  I guess I kind of substitute with really good yummy smelling soap.  I just can’t eat it.

So after tonight’s yelling match and fight with my oldest, I actually wanted (!) to do my workout.  After 50 grueling minutes of Back & Bis with my very own personal trainer, Sagi, I was getting my bath ready and pulled out a brand new Zum Lavender-Mint scented bar–a wonderful birthday gift from a dear friend who knows all about my soap obsession–and I just want to know how the Zum bar knew I needed a smile.  Maybe I’m pushing it, but this looks like a lavender and mint smile to me!

zum bar smile

It’s easy to forget after one really craptastic day, little things can still happen to make you smile.  It may not be an image of Jesus or his mom, but I’ll take the smiley face.


6 thoughts on “Have a bath and a smile”

  1. I just want to know how you disconnect from everything else and work out – that’s the part I can’t seem to manage. It’s like, “Oh! I should work out! Let me just sweep the floor first….” and from there. Pffffft!

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