Halloween play by play

Pumpkin     +     Wine glass       =

I decided to do a sort of Halloween play by play blog post because I’m sure nothing would be more excruciatingly boring exciting than a detailed description of my 2014 Halloween.

Thirty more minutes left of work — Is it wrong that all I want to do is go home and hit the wine?  And maybe whine while I’m drinking the wine?  <that’s A LOT of wine/whine>

It’s quitting time!!!  Gotta run by the store to pick up some allergy meds for the the dog.  Can’t you just feel the excitement a brewing? Or that could be my lasagna lunch talking, not quite sure which.

I’m home and my youngest is quick to inform us that he has no plans to eat dinner, in the traditional sense of the word “dinner.”  We don’t have to ask the reasoning.

Juicing up the digital camera battery (because I still suck at taking pictures with my phone).  I swear, is anyone going to invent a cell phone that is actually for phone calls and actually has clear reception?  And we can go back to using a camera for a camera??

Chips and wine, it’s what’s for dinner.  Right?  Am I right?  Who’s with me?  Hey, Gerald, we need more chips!

Pictures of the kids.  Done.

Sitting on driveway with Gerald and the dog.  First couple rounds of kids.  Done.  Wine.

Wine.  Wine.

Hey, there goes our oldest with his friends.  Hey, is he even going to acknowledge us?  WTH?  Wine.  Wine.  (and whine)

Oh, here comes our youngest.  Has a full pillowcase and everything. Good jobs, son.  That’ss howz it’s done..  Wine.  Wine.

It’z startin to sloww downz now.  Not soas many kids.  Good.  It’s cold getting out here.  I’m going in.  Let’s check out the candy loot.

What?  What do yous means I no candy from all this candy?

I’s going to bed.  Goodnight.

– k D-

4 thoughts on “Halloween play by play”

  1. I miss having kids young enough to trick or treat.

    It was rainy here on halloween and I had a migraine..so I ate the candy and left my porch light off.

    Not ALL the candy.

    Most of the candy.

    1. I suppose I should savor these last few years.

      My family (oh and not I, of course. ha!) usually finish off one bag of candy before Halloween. Of course, i always vow to bring the leftovers to work but then I never do… 🙂

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