Free clutter!

credit card doohickey
See? So sparkly!

I am a Hallmark Gold Crown member (impressive, I know!), and they send me a flier for a free something or other on my 1/2 birthday. The last freebie was for this cute credit card wallet thingamajig. I went in the shop to get some cards for upcoming occasions and I went ahead and got my free credit card holder doohickey. As soon as I walked out of the store, I questioned why I wanted this thing. I’m not going to use it. I have a wallet that holds (more) credit cards, cash, and then some (drivers license, insurance card, etc.). Why did I feel the need to acquire this extra accessory I’ll never use? I figured I could see if anyone at work may want it. It is cute. Or I can always put it in the next bag we get ready for charitable donation.

But WHY did I get it in the first place if then I had to figure out what to do with it? Is it because it was “free?” Is it because it was cute and sparkly and I just had to have it? I mean, it’s not like I had to pay anything for it. I started thinking about it and realized this isn’t the first time and it most likely will not be the last where I get something, whether for free or for a price, where the acquired object simply adds more clutter to my purse, my house, my life.

I often complain to Gerald (shocking, I know!) that if I could just declutter the house, I would feel so much lighter, I would feel better. I wouldn’t be so stressed, so time-constrained. I’ve always figured it’s a matter of getting organized, getting everything in balance. And then this life balance would start with a major decluttering effort. So I have yet to start a serious clean-out effort, and it’s like we get more and more junk that just clutters up the house. And it can start at an early age, ya know. For instance, the best kid parties are the ones where you leave with a really cool party gift. But what are you gonna do with that goodie bag once you get it home (and once you’ve eaten all the edibles that may have been in there)? If you’re my kids, you’ll keep the bag and any wrappings and whatever around forever. A broken piece of a plastic toy plane? Check. A cheap printed pencil that no one will ever use? Check.

My parents happened to be around while I was working on this post. I read them what I had so far and was hoping to get some ideas on where I could go (because it’s going nowhere fast), and my dad starts listing items he has acquired and has had a hard time letting go of. Gee, I’m starting to see where I get this urge to retain retain retain. Some of the items my dad doesn’t want to chuck include: a small amount of foreign bills that would probably equate to a whole 50 cents if he were to ever take it all to a bank to have it exchanged; some wooden nickels (huh?); parts to this and that broken this or that because you just never know if you could use that part for this, but I’m betting you’d forget you even have that part if this something or other broke and you could use that part, but see, you forgot you had that part so what’s the point? Why are you keeping it around again??

As I sit here with some wine trying to wrap things up, I realize there’s just too much clutter, people! Too much going on in my head, my home, my life. And as soon as I’m able to clear out all this clutter, I’ll be able to come back and finish this post…

To the tune of Ice-T’s Colors:

Yo Gerald let’s do this…

Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter.

I am a hoarder hoarding, clutterbug talking
Queen of the castle an organized wannabe stalking
Living life in a messy house quick is my mess
Then dead in a garbage pile the survivors picking up the rest
Free or costly, duplicate or cheap, it just don’t matter
Clutter for your life and everything scatters
We clutterers will never die โ€“ just multiply

Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter.


10 thoughts on “Free clutter!”

  1. That’s It! You are a Rap Lyric Writer! I don’t care for Rap (and I am not going to ask how/where you heard the music above), but your lyrics are great!

    1. Hmm.. maybe I should switch to rap lyrics instead of blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚

      The Ice-T song was from a 1988 movie also titled Colors. I’ve always liked the song, oh I mean rap.

  2. More impressive if you sang it yourself dear. Pick up the book ‘The life changing magic of tidying up’ by Marie Kondo. I’ve just started my closet and it is life changing ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Funny, someone else was telling me the same thing today (regarding the rap). I don’t know if that’s such a good idea. I don’t want to scare off my other reader. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I will definitely check out the book! Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  3. Oh, clutter makes me crazy, but I’m terrible at throwing stuff out. When we had cable, I’d frequently try to catch the show Hoarders just to make sure I wasn’t one. It’s a problem.

    1. I feel I have to keep myself in check before I round that hoarding corner, ya know? This morning I actually added two tops to a goodwill bag I started. Progress! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Obviously it is hereditary that you collect clutter ! I am just as bad and I buy all kinds of organizing things but they end up along with my clutter b/c I am too lazy to keep it organized once I buy stuff:( And I am sure you wanted your free gift b/c it was free and sparkly just added the icing on the cake haha!

    1. Do you remember going to see that movie (Colors)? Sean Penn, Robert Duvall?

      And yeah, it’s easy to let the declutter ‘tools’ become part of the clutter.

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