Down the rabbit hole I go

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A (present day) coworker who read my previous “stinky” post, pointed out how I failed to mention my tendency to hop down rabbit holes at work, sometimes disappearing for days at a time. Well, I pointed out right back to him I believe that is a separate post. So here it is, a post about rabbit holes, metaphorical rabbit holes.

Yes, I am known for my tendency to get down too much into the weeds, as I believe the expression goes, but I have found so many interesting things when I start making my way down a rabbit hole. Going down rabbit holes definitely has its ups and downs. Hmm… maybe pun intended.

The cons are easy, so I’ll start with those —

* It can be a thankless job. No one really wants me to uncover a possible issue. Ignorance really is bliss and personally I’d rather stay in a state of bliss all day long, but better to uncover that potential flaw before it reveals itself in some astronomical explosive manner (aka the big kaboom).

* It takes time. If something worthwhile isn’t discovered down that rabbit hole, then this can equate to wasted time.

* It may uncover more information than necessary. You know that long lost understanding of the organization’s archiving process? Yeah, well, no one really needs to know it and no one really cares.

Pros —

* As stated above, no one really wants an issue uncovered, but there are definitely some better found NOW than after the big kaboom.

* Finding small treasures while down the rabbit hole may help to untangle all the understandings/misunderstandings about a particular process. When a full picture comes to light, it can make it easier to make changes, and make the changes with the confidence that you’re (probably) NOT going to jack up something else.

* No one else wants to do it, no one else wants to get dirty. So how is this a “pro?” I get to do it on my own, get down in there and spend the time to wrap my head around all the possible discovered pieces to then put the whole puzzle together.

* The feeling of finding a valuable little tidbit, or possibly a big disaster a brewing, is priceless! It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy to know you may have helped prevent some major incident from occurring in the future. So even though rabbit hole tunneling may be a thankless job for the most part, there can sometimes be a little glory in the end.


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    1. A fellow rabbit hole hopper? Someone else who gets it? Speaking of rabbit holes, I’m actually in a rabbit CANYON at the moment (well if you don’t count THIS moment to reply to a comment). 🙂

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