Crankoutloud gets on a cranky box

Cranky Box

I’m stepping up on my cranky box today, the main target being the area schools. Now, I don’t know who makes up the rules, and where the rules are drafted, like if it’s the state legislature (dont’cha just want to run and hide when they meet?), or if it’s some bullshit rule made up by the feds, but some of this stuff is just a big, “Oh, come ON!” As in, common sense has done left the building!

I’m gonna bypass my rants about Title I, a federal grant program designed to give educational assistance to students living in areas of high poverty. I started writing something about it, but quickly realized it was turning into more of a chapter book — Chapter 1, Your School on Food Stamps. Chapter 2, Under the Federal Government’s Thumb. Etc. See? There’s the whole “time” issue (and how I don’t have enough of it to write all my whines against Title I), and then there’s the whole idea that I don’t want to stir up a hornet’s nest of political debate, which I suck at by the way.

So yeah, I’m sticking to “safer” topics. What? Am I punking out? Maybe. At least a little.

I recently attended a Donuts with Mom event at my youngest’s school. It used to be called Muffins with Mom, but they changed it since muffins weren’t really on the menu. But I digress. The breakfast was wrapping up, and the PTO mom in charge of the affair was making announcements and calling out door prize winners. She let all the moms and students know that only 5 minutes remained to serve food, as allowed by the State. Say wha? Did she just say they had to stop serving breakfast in 5 minutes because of some State rule? Yep, that’s it, one minute longer, and you know the elementary school would be fined (and their Title I funding dropped, but I said I wasn’t going to go there…) if they didn’t stop serving food in exactly 5 minutes. I’m sure glad I have the State looking out for the local schools. I mean, if it were up to the local school leaders, we would’ve been hanging out at the school all day like sloths. The kids wouldn’t have gone to class, nobody would have learned anything. Thank you, State of Texas, for keeping us honest.

Next rant — Apparently, the last time the State Legislature met (God help us all), it was decided that children of even the youngest ages should already have their whole lives planned out. Oh, it’s never too early to start thinking about a career, the great politician people, who undoubtedly know what’s best for my children than I do, will tell you. I introduce to you House Bill 5. With the passing of this Bill (I wish I could say that “passing” here means it died), the Legislature is pushing for the junior high kids to map out their whole high school schedule (as in All. Four. Years.) and to do some serious thinking as to what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Umm… yeah, okay. I tell my kids all the time that I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. They just look at me strangely. Wow, Mom really doesn’t know anything. But my point is, are you kidding me? And the kids can’t just say doctor, lawyer. They have to be specific. Well, what kind of doctor? Orthopedic surgeon or maybe neurosurgeon? I’m thinking proctologist so maybe my son can help all the wacked out politicians remove their heads from their asses. Needless to say, my oldest has not completed his career planning, but the closing date is fast approaching. Gerald and I are encouraging our son to just go the science (STEM) route and call it a day. I really think I’m going to push for that proctologist idea though.

I think I’ll wrap things up by saying here’s a big one finger salute to you, oh government. I don’t know where we would be without all your great wisdom, your wonderful guidance.

Okay, I’m  stepping off my cranky box now.


6 thoughts on “Crankoutloud gets on a cranky box”

  1. Girl… Don’t you know STEM is WAAAAY to broad of category to pick??? Science, technology, engineering, OR math… He will need to narrow that down! Then once he picks one of those four BERY BROAD categories, narrow even further… Engineering– chemical, electrical, biomedical, etc. OR math– accounting, education, research, finance… You see where I’m going here. And it’s so important they know all that when they are 13 years old!

    1. I’m about a year and a half behind you, and I have this suspicion that I’ll feel the same way at 46 too. I wonder if we’ll ever figure it out!?

  2. Over here kids are still pushed into the most difficult field of study as they enter middle school, based on test results. This field is called “Ancient languages/Math” or “Ancient/modern languages”. So if they HATE Latin with a passion, they get to flunk down to easier fields as the years progress to end up in something like wood shop or (like me) art. This is awesome for building self esteem. Oh and get this: they call it the “waterfall” system.

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