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Crankoutloud author, Karen, is a fortyish female who has discovered the main objective for her blog is to make people laugh. She’s pretty sure this is her main objective anyway (because she can be pretty wishy-washy on pretty much any topic), but she’s good if she knows she can at least get a chuckle, nod, or even a grunt from a reader will do.

Karen generally writes her blog posts in first person, but for some reason she chose to write her About Me page in third person. Perhaps third person makes the page more dignified, more professional, more fancy? Karen is married with children and feels she can sometimes channel Peg Bundy from the show with the same name. Husband Gerald, older son, younger son, dog. Yes, these family members–because the dog counts too!–are vital (and often!) contributors to Karen’s blog material.

She blogs about life totally from her perspective, the way she sees it. Life observed, life lived, silly life, frustrating life, loving life, you get the idea. Karen is easily distracted. Ahh!  What was that? Oh sorry, I think a mosquito flew by me or something. I think I heard a buzz in my ear, but, then again, that could be the ringing I sometimes get in my ears probably due to hearing damage over the years. I do mention that I’m in my forties, right? All that loud music over the years really starts to add up, but when you’re young, you think, “Oh, look at me! I’m invincible!” Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot I’m in the middle of drafting my About Me page. Let’s continue, shall we? Huh hum…

Personality traits – Wishy-washy and easily distracted have already been mentioned. Can be thoughtful (but never mistake thoughtful for sweet!). Animal preference is dog, but that may be because Karen is severely allergic to the feline species.

Food likes – The list would be a lot longer if Karen didn’t have so many #@*%)+! food intolerances. There have been times when she has been forced to go hungry <cue the sad music> because not a morsel of gluten free, lactose free, fructose free food was to be found. But she has made peace with her food issues and has learned to make do. (Unless we’re talking about a giant fishbowl margarita, I really miss the big froo froo fructose laden drinks, damnit!)

Umm… interests… Interests include reading, writing (I suppose this one is a given), hanging out with family and friends. Karen prefers smaller gatherings as opposed to big parties unless there are plenty of (gluten free, HFCS free) spirits also in attendance. Alcohol can help to ease the nerves but too much consumption can lead to much misery the next day.

Yep, that’s pretty much it, the description all about me that really could be summed up in two three sentences.

Please enjoy all the silliness, the crankiness, and sometimes even the tears here at Crankoutloud.



10 thoughts on “About Me”

    1. sniff sniff I’m touched, Carlos, thank you. 🙂 I just realized the grunt makes me think of Phil Hartman as Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer on SNL. I surely do miss Phil Hartman… Wait a sec. I’m wrong (I know, shocking!), it was Phil Hartman as Frankenstein I’m thinking of. I think. Frankenstein, Tonto, and who else would “sing” a Christmas carol and Frankenstein would grunt his whole way through it. Am I remembering correctly??

  1. Hiya Karen! I’ve been over to read your blog (which is awesome, btw) several times but I can never find a place to leave a comment, except right here on your “about” page. Just wanted to say I read your post today and I think Gerald sounds like a sexy husband—nice moves, lucky lady! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Marcia! I need to get off my lazy fanny and figure out all the different options for entering comments. I’ve had others tell me the same thing. BTW, I love reading your blog and your book is awesome!

  2. “Karen generally writes her blog posts in first person, but for some reason she chose to write her About Me page in third person. ” – Yeah. That made me laugh. 🙂 Makes me wish I thought of putting that on MY “About” page.

    1. Doing okay. Thanks for the welfare check (I believe there’s a joke in there somewhere). Life has been a complete circus as of late and any writing mojo I had left appears to have completely disappeared. I hope to be back someday soon. I’ll try to pop by all my fav blogs soon too. I know I’ve got LOTS of catching up to do. ♡ KD

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