A TBT / flashback Friday kind of post

Well, kiddies, since my internet connection is acting all wonky like and I’m in a totally lazy kind of mood, I thought I’d post a previous post. It’s pretty ingenious of me, I know.

I liked this post, and I’m pretty sure 99.9% of you have not read it yet. And if you have, it’s such an awesome repeat, I just KNOW you’ll love reading it again. See? It’s a win-win for everyone!

FIRST STEP — originally posted October 23, 2014


Gerald often times goes around the house singing bits of his favorite songs or songs that have gotten stuck in his head.  For some reason, Eddie Rabbitt’s “Step by Step” was on the rotation for the day and I heard Gerald sing some of it wrong, and I’m talking specifically about the lyrics, we won’t go into actual singing capabilities/talent/ability.  Huh hum… So anyway, I pointed out Gerald’s faux pas to him, like I like to do, and he said I was the one who was wrong!  Excusee?  Oh, it’s on!  To the internet we go!

The particular line is “…take that first step, ask her out and treat her like a lady…”  Gerald was insistent it goes, “…take that first step, take her out and treat her like a lady…” (he was replacing “ask” with “take”).  Gerald was so insistent, in fact, he had his bare behind out and ready for me to kiss, just knowing I was wrong.  Oh, such joy to be right yet again!  And he sure was quick to move his backside out of the line of fire.

Gerald says the lyrics don’t make sense, it makes more sense that the guy takes her out and then treats her like a lady.  I say the whole “take her out” is implied, because he has to ask her out first before he can actually take her out.  Gerald says if she says “No,” then the guy wouldn’t have to bother treating her like a lady so you can’t miss that step of taking her out first.

Well, whether or not either of our arguments hold, I was right about the actual lyrics and that’s all that matters.  This isn’t our first go-round with disagreements over lyrics and I can guarantee it won’t be our last.

Now, here are some other song lyrics that have been butchered by either Gerald or me.  See if y’all can guess the song and who got it wrong.  I can admit I’ve been wrong on like one or two occasions.  And I nitpick!  I figure if you’re gonna sing the song out loud, you should at least do so within any copyright boundaries or whatever that’s called.

  • Come down from your fences, oh but then again…
  • Tin roof!  Rusty!
  • I got a calico cat and a tin roof flat…
  • This coat and tie is choking me, In your high society, you play all day
  • No I don’t know the name of the band but they’re good, pardon me, would you like to dance…
  • I can feel it calling in the air tonight, hold on…
  • I try to say goodbye but I choke, I try to walk away but I stumble


18 thoughts on “A TBT / flashback Friday kind of post”

  1. Er… I think Phil Collins might be in there somewhere, but that’s about as far I get. I may not be the best person to ask. The part of my brain that deals with lyrics suffered permanent meltdown damage when I was accidentally exposed to the chorus of MacArthur Park in childhood. (It was the part about leaving cakes out in the rain that finally pushed the neurons into overload, I’m afraid.)

    1. Most of them are country songs, but yes, ding ding ding, Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight! 🙂 Gerald thought it was “hold on,” and I was obliged to point out the correct “oh Lord” lyrics to him I know, I’m just so thoughtful that way. Ha.

  2. I only recognize the last 2, and I’m sure you’re the one who got them right. 😉 They are “I Can Feel it Coming in the Air” by Phil Collins, and “I Try” by Macey Gray. Am I right? (My ass is still clothed, just in case I blew it).

    My sister used to butcher lyrics all the time when we were kids. Here’s my all time favorite: “She’s got electric boobs, her mother too” instead of “she’s got electric boots, a mohair suit” from Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets”. My sister is NEVER gonna live that one down!

    1. Yep, you got ’em, and of course I’m the one who got those right! Looking at the Macy Gray song, I sure was being a hard ass stickler on that one. Sheesh. And I LOVE your sister’s lyrics! I wonder if Elton is looking for any song writers. 🙂

  3. Is the first one Desperado? I got the last two, but not the ones in the middle.

    I have been known to butcher a song lyric or two myself. When I was a kid I would run around the house singing, “Scummy love, like a flower…scummy love…” which clearly made more sense than “It’s coming up like a flower…” Apologies to Sir McCartney, but I believe my version was better. 🙂

    1. The first one is Desperado, yes. The second one was a pop song popular during the 80s. The redhead with the beehive hairdo stood out. The next three after that are country songs, one from the 70s, the others from the 80s. I’m kinda wishing I had figured out how to do an upside down answer sheet at the end of the post. I suppose I should go ahead and list the answers. 🙂

  4. Hahahaha! My hubs and I do this too–we change the lyrics because half the time we can’t hear them. The one I always screwed up was that one from the 70’s—wrapped up liked a deuce or whatever the hell it was….

    1. Gerald swears they really say/sing the word dooche (spelling?) in that song. He doesn’t care what the written lyrics say. 🙂

  5. Here’s how I sang “My Girl” when I was little, and I honestly thought I had it right:
    “I guess you say
    What can make me feel this way
    Margot (Margot, Margot)
    Talkin’ ’bout Margot. Margot!”

    My four-year-old self was just ecstatic that there was a song written about me.

    1. Dont’cha just love the “egocentricness” of a 4 year old? It’s still so cute at that age and they can get away with it. 🙂

  6. Once someone screws with the song lyrics, I swear, that’s the only way you can hear the song from that point forward. Thanks Dad for ruining “White Christmas” for me forever: “I’m dreaming of a white mistress” . Also, CCR’s Bad Moon on the Rise : “There’s a bathroom on the right”. I have other examples but I won’t be a dick and ruin any more songs for you.,

    1. Before the kids came along, Gerald and I would make our own “dirty” lyrics pretty much for any song. Sometimes we’ll still find ourselves singing our own version. And yes, when one of those songs comes on the radio, I’m at least singing the wrong version in my head. Makes me laugh though. 🙂

  7. I definitely got the B-52’s.

    Crazily enough this reminds me of the time I was in a liquor store shortly before New Year’s Eve and some younger people came in and asked an employee, “Do you have any Moet & Chandon?” I started to say, “She keeps Moet & Chandon in her pretty cabinet, ‘let them eat cake’ she says, just like Marie Antoinette…” but then I remembered that they could have been born after Freddy Mercury died and still be old enough to legally buy alcohol. And I just yelled at them to get off my lawn.

    1. I remember being at a football game with Gerald and there were these young girls who were buying the colorful froo-froo drinks that came in a long tube looking thing with a long straw–I have no idea what those drink receptacles are actually called–but I was all aghast. There’s no way those girls are old enough to drink. Gerald pointed out that yes, they probably were. And then there you have the first time I realized I was no longer a spring chicken. 🙂

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